Sunday, August 24, 2008

Country roads take me home...

Well, I am home already! And am I glad to be back home!!?!!! :-) This was one of my longest trips without Vineet and away from home. I had been to mom's before Aaryan was born and had stayed till he was around a month and a half...but that was still in Mumbai. And I used to meet Vineet every week... I am so happy to be back home and back to my daily routine. Yes, I know I will be cribbing about having to cook and clean all day in a couple of weeks (if not earlier), but hey! Isn't that part of life?

Let me not bore you any more. I really have no craft work to post now. Nothing at all. I haven't even touched a piece of paper while I was in Kolkata. I had crafted a card for my mother-in-law (for her birthday) before I left though... and she loved it. But I have no pictures of it.

I hope to get back in the groove and start posting more stuff soon.

Till later.