Monday, August 22, 2011

Absence makes the heart fonder...

.... or so I am choosing to believe! :) I am hoping against hope that I have been missed in blogland.... haven't I, me dear blog buddies? :) Lol! I know this year has been terrible for my blogging (starting from April/May). Well, I couldn't help it most times - schoolwork for example!! I didn't even have access to a computer on most days. :( A new member in the family (OMG! No! I haven't had another baby :-p) has meant a lot of adjustment and extra work at home on my end. Finally, hubby decided I needed my own laptop to help preserve my sanity :) and here I am! Yes, I know you are happy for me {winks}.... thank you! ;-)

I haven't crafted since my last post though... :( I am hoping to try something this week. Please please please pray that I am here for good now!