Sunday, December 11, 2011


Hello people,

I am back :) and with craft to share!! I've been working on an anniversary album for a week now (this was for a friend's friend's friend... lol!!)

This is a picture heavy post, and I hope you like it...

Let me start with the cover page. This as well as all the titles in the album are my client's own (quite close to her heart and defining each memory she has wanted me to capture through this album):

The next page has a 'little' accordion book on the left (with pull out tags) for her to write reasons why she loves her husband:

The next page has a little card cum photo frame for slipping in a photo and for personal notes inside:
(I did an overlay of a song on a transparent acetate sheet for this page... didn't click a picture of it though)

This is a tag pull out from the same page.. the silhouette image is a free clipart that I printed and hand cut (the moment here was another personal memory that I needed to capture):

The next page is simpler than the rest with less detailing:

The next page is dedicated to her son. The 'door' opens and a personal message appears inside with place for a photo:

This is a page dedicated to their new house:

and its related tag:

The next is one of my favoritest bits... it is a page capturing some romance:

and finally the last page and a tag. The guitar is hand drawn and cut...

Yes, not a very big album but the customization and thinking took me a bit longer than I'd usually take for an album. But I am quite glad of the outcome... fingers crossed that the intended recipients like it too!