Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Smita goes international!

He he he he... Still laughing over the post title! Well, I am not kidding... ;-) I really have gone international with this card. Stop stop... Before you build up too much expectation out of the card, let me explain...

I had won Donna's blog candy a few weeks back. Anyone who has been reading my blog knows that I love her work. I had tried an explosion box in Jan inspired by her creation! ;-) Anyway, coming back to the point.. I received my yummy package on Saturday. God! You should have seen my scream and jump... There were loads of Heidi Grace paper (even double-sided, something I had never before seen), epoxy stickers, flower and button stickers, three spools of ribbon, chipboard stickers et al. So, you can imagine what made me scream. None of that stuff is actually available here so I wa,s thrilled beyond words.. so thrilled that I couldn't craft for so long (!!! well.. that's an excuse). I made a little card for a friend a couple of days back but then we gave it to him without clicking pictures. There goes!! It wasn't my best but it did use that yummy Heidi Grace paper.

I want to create one of Donna's goodie bags just so that I can use the double-sided paper without wasting even an inch of it!!
I spent most of today just thinking of what to use as the focal element in my card. I wanted all the focus to go to that circle in the sketch... and I hate circles!! ;-) You are wondering why! Well, I hate cutting around them because I never get them perfect; my local stationer does not have the cirlce punch in supply ever, which pisses me off; I am still hunting for Prima flowers look-alikes so that it becomes easier for me to fill those 'circles' in sketches; and lastly, I always wonder how people interpret the circle so well every time whereas I can't look at it as anything but just that!... Did I confuse you? I hope I did. Just wanted to tell you how much I dislike circles when I have to work with them... nothing against the shape otherwise! LOL!
Coming back to today's card. I have used a lot of stuff from Donna's package and some things that my bro-in-law (Chirag) got for me from AC Moore when he came down for the wedding. Thanks to both Chirag and Donna, Smita has finally gone international ;-)
Cardstock: Metallic CS from the DCWV textured metallic sheets range, Polka dots designer paper from the Heidi Grace pack, Pink velvet paper by The Paper Company, scrap of pink printed vellum sheet from The Paper Company, Blue and white CS from stash
The circles are made from a sheet of shimmer patterned paper from Hobby Ideas. (Ohhh! I love the shimmer)
Others: Sentiment from Heidi Grace, Blue lace and satin ribbon from stash.


Thursday, April 16, 2009

Bev's fab blog candy

Bev has some fabulous candy up for grabs (yeah, and this time there is some real candy too ;-) ). You wouldn't want to miss out on the chance to win, would you? So hop right there and grab the opportunity. Who knows, you might be the lucky one!
Her work, needless to say, is superb.


Thursday, April 9, 2009

Whacky colors: Purple, orange and green

Ok! I know I am late for this challenge... I made it based on the color challenge at 365 Cards, completely forgetting that it is a daily challenge!! :-((( Anyway, now that the card is ready, I might as well post it.
Oh and one more disaster. I wanted to make a card for the Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge. This week's challenge was based on one of my most favorite movies- My Fair Lady. But since the challenge was to use Embossing on a card, it was a little difficult one for me (I have no idea whatsoever how to emboss properly! No embossing powder available here, remember!)... Did read the tutorials... almost managed one faux embossing, but messed it up and had to trash it. :-( Anyway, just because I wanted so badly to play, I used some embossed paper. Does that count? Well, I don't know!!

Anyway, the only good thing is that I was able to make my second card based on the 2S4U sketch this week. Isn't that awesome!? :-)

My card recipe:
Cardstock: Metallic CS from the DCWV stack, printed paper from Hobby Ideas, purple tinted paper
Stamp: Gift stamp from Hobby Ideas (yeah, the same new set I bought 2 days back)
Others: Crocheted lace, decorative flowers and beads from local craft stores
PS: Please bear my stamping for some time. I am still trying to learn how to layer properly. I will then try and concentrate on the coloring techniques et al.

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Pretty in pink

Every week, I think of creating a card based on the 2S4U sketch first thing on Tuesday morning (the sketch is up by Monday night my time), but procrastination gets the better of me, and I end up creating the card earliest by Friday!! ;-)
This time, I broke my record, and created the 2S4U challenge card today!! :-)) Yay yay yay!!! I am pretty pleased with the result. I love the patterned paper I have used in today's card. I also bought a new stamp set today...hmm..not exactly a set, but yeah, all the stamps came in one box! I had seen the set earlier, but didn't buy it... don't know why. Anyway, it had been on my mind ever since...
My card recipe:
Cardstock: Metallic CS from the DCWV metallic sheets stack, patterned paper from Hobby Ideas, plain CS in pink, deep pink and chocolate brown
Stamps: Cake and Candle stamps from Hobby Ideas
Others: Pink sheer organza ribbon and pink satin thread from stash, locally available dry letter transfer (rub-ons), eyelets
PS: I also used Lulu's tutorial!! (yes, I know, doesn't look like it!)...LOL!!


Monday, April 6, 2009

My charming Dwarf

Today was 'Fairy Tale character in school' day at Aaryan's Playschool. What fun!! :-) I wish I was studying with him ;-)) Chuckle chuckle....
After a discussion with Mamma and Richa, I concluded that I should dress him up as a 'Dwarf' from Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs. I read and re-read the story to him over the weekend to get him excited about the character ;-))
I didn't do too much for the costume... made everything with Crepe paper mostly. The hat and a matching jacket. The beard was made with a scrap piece of paper with cotton for adding dimension. He was a little teary-eyed at school, but then we had told him that we will be clicking pictures, so he did dress up and pose. :-) Most of the others were dressed in store-bought costumes, so Aaryan was a little out of place there, but then I love everything handmade, so it doesn't matter! :-)

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Did you hear about the big giveaway?!

Melissa of Creating from the heart is giving away a brand new Cuttlebug!!! Can you believe it? Just last week Papa and Murali bhaiya were telling me that I should invest in the machine. I have been thinking of buying it since then, but it is sooooo damn expensive!!! :-( Anyway, one lucky person is going to get it for free at Melissa's blog! How cool is that!?! :-)

Friday, April 3, 2009

Black or white?

One lazy blogger, that is what I am!! :-( I have been intending to post for a while, but I just wouldn't stop reading others' blogs. Actually, for the past few days I have been busier reading food blogs than doing anything crafty! Anyway, here I am again.
I have something to share with you. I WON DONNA'S BLOG CANDY!!!!!! Whooooooooooooooooohooooooooo!! Isn't that cool?? I have been reading her blog regularly for a long time now, and I am so glad I won. I was stunned for a while; back to my senses now. :-) But now that I have won, I must not forget to tell all those who haven't visited her blog yet to please do so now!! She is one talented cardmaker, and with years of experience behind her! I love her creations.
Next, here is my card for Kazan's Sketch # 23 at 2S4U. I have been dying to make a black n white card since long, so here it is. Not made for anyone or for any particular occasion.

The recipe:
Cardstock: Silver from the DCWV mettalic textured paper stack, Patterned paper from Hobby Ideas (yeah, from my new stock), white glossy paper, white textured, black tinted paper, and parchment paper from the local stationer.
Others: I used locally available dry letter transfers (rub-on) for the sentiment, Fevicryl 3D-Outliner for the shimmering dots.
PS: Ohh, and did you see I finally tried a little bit of 3D layering by cutting out a flower from the patterned paper and layering it over another similar one ;-)