Thursday, July 31, 2008


Some pics of cards I created. I will be off to Kolkata on Saturday. Won't be back till after 21st.

My creation for Nikki's blog candy challenge

My creation for Nikki's challenge.
I have used locally available material for this card. The cardstock used is light green tinted with gold. The patterned paper seen in this card is handmade dark green paper with golden block prints. I made the flowers using Carl craft floral punch and a leaf punch by Jef. The flowers were cupped using a manual embossing tool. I bought the ribbon from a local lace store. The sentiment is hand written. I painted ordinary white buttons golden to match the rest of the card.

Sunday, July 27, 2008


Yeah, after ages I am actually thanking God it is Sunday. ;-) Why, do you ask? Well, just because I have had a very very relaxing day... woke up late, made a lazy breakfast of cheese sandwiches, and then we had Rajma-Rice for lunch. What fun!! ;-) And by the way, I haven't been doing anything of any significance all day since then.

I did manage to punch and create some flowers for a card. I mean to participate in this challenge for some fabulous blog candy. The challenge is to create a card which uses either or all of the following - patterned paper, buttons, ribbons, flowers. It looked easier than it actually is... sigh!! I won't win the candy for sure, but I do really really want to participate. I swear, if I had the opportunity, I would have shifted abroad. Why? Well, just to shop for a lot of craft stuff and then return ;-). Richa and Chirag, you can expect me soon after you've settled in. Don't worry, I am not going to overstay, I'll just shop and return. What say? :-D

Some of you have requested for recipes. Well, I will post some that I have tried from my books, but please try at your own risk. I am only 'fond' of cooking and am really not an authority. I just keep trying new ways and methods as per my wish. But I will surely post any interesting recipes I come across. It will have to be veggie though.

Got loads of work to do this week before I leave for Kolkata. Deciding my sarees being the most important one, of course. God! It is going to be one hell of a week.

Btw, I am waiting to hear some good news from my best friend. If she does call up in a while to confirm, that will be one more card to make. :-)

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Lazy, lazy me

Of course I know I have been very very lazy. I should have written long back. Anyway, I have promised myself that I am not going to offer any excuses when I don't write... I will just come by and write!

The week so far has been quite good and today was awesome. Tiring it sure was, but we had quite a satisfying day. Loads of shopping for Aaryan (and for me too ;-) ). I didn't even spend too much time in the kitchen... hurray!! Not that I kept them all hungry :-). I am in this major mood to try out Indian mithais. You see, I keep getting these moods in cooking. And will you believe this, in 4 years of married life, I have never really made any good Indian 'dessert' ever!!!! I try many many recipes that I get from my books, from friends and so on, but somehow mithais have been like a scary jungle to me. I am always just too sure I can't make them. And suddenly, I had this craving to cook something really nice that would make the smell of saffron drift through the air in my home. Well, this wish hasn't really come true yet. But I am trying. My two successful attempts this week have been the nice and chilled Phirni that I made on Thursday, and the warm and textury (well, please don't check your dictionaries; this word does not exist) Malpuas that I made this morning (for breakfast he he he he :-) ). I liked them and so did Sumit, my younger bro-in-law. Vineet just 'tasted' them as he absolutely can not have anything sweet early in the morning!!

Still waiting for news about any cards that I might have made. Well, I won't disappoint you. I did manage to make two cards. But unfortunately that is about it. I made new baby cards (boy and girl). Remember I had mentioned earlier that I need to make these for a friend who is expecting. I will be off to Kolkata next week and she is due around the week after, so I am just keeping it ready. My mind has been bubbling with some fresh ideas for a couple of cards that I need to carry to Kolkata. Let me see when I find the time to make them. Someone tell me where I can find good paper!!! Well, actually I did find out from a friend's sis-in-law today... okay, I change my wish... someone please go and get the papers for me. :-)))))) I absolutely, really, actually must have some pink and chocolate brown papers (that is how my current favorite cartoon character - Lola from Charlie & Lola - would put it)!

Richa, if you are reading, please stop rightaway. Others, you must watch Charlie & Lola. I love Lola. She is a 4 year old, by the way, and Charlie's sister.

Anyway, I must go now. Will be back soon, I hope.

Tuesday, July 22, 2008


Hope everyone is having a great week. I guess my week has started off quite well, especially after a week of culinary disasters. Seriously, almost everything I tried cooking/baking the whole of last week turned out into yucky and ugly things on the plate. Most of it went right into the garbage bin... saunkh khichdi, whole wheat n raisin muffins, and pulliyogare to name a few. The only exception was dinner on Wednesday, which turned out to be a mid-week treat for Vineet and my brothers in law ;-) A nice three-course Chinese meal (well, don't ask me what these 'three' courses were) complete with candles, good crockery and the works!
Last night I had my cook chop veggies for my Navratan Korma. I quite liked it, Vineet said it was nice but nothing spectacular. Well, you can't expect the husband to praise all the time, can you? ;-) And today I tried my own variation of falafel for Aaryan and me. I don't know if he will like it, but I did.
Somehow find weekdays to be more relaxing than weekends. You know why? Vineet leaves for office in the morning, so my lunch is almost done before he leaves. Just some chappatis to make later. Maid is done with her work. And I have some time in the afternoon all to myself. Weekends on the other hand are...phew... tiring. Everyone's at home and I usually end up in the kitchen most of the time, then an outing occasionally (malls do drain all the energy out of you), a late night card game or a movie, and you still need to get up to open the door for the milkman at 7 am! I hate that last bit. But weekends are still fun times, I must admit.
No cards in the last couple of days. I made one for a one-year old's birthday party on Saturday. Didn't turn out too good so I refused to click a picture ;-)) Have an idea in mind for a few baby cards (will need them soon for a friend). Got to start work on them today.
That's from me for now. Ciao.

Friday, July 18, 2008

Aaaah... pride!

Screeeeeeeeeeeeech!!!!! Boom.. pop....kreeeeaaaaak...thud!!! Pride has a fall, someone once told me. Well, I experienced it firsthand today. Spent most of today at an exhibition in Bandra. Aaryan and I had a gala time there, so did Mamma I guess. I visited an art and craft stall - well, that was the location of mishap!! The lady had such amazing works on display that I was spellbound. But luckily she also conducts classes...and I want to go at the earliest. The only problem is that she was damn rude. Anyway, that isn't my problem. I need to learn and I will.

I was speaking of creativity yesterday. I thought a lot about it after I had posted that bit. Does creativity only mean what we find aesthetically appealing? Of course not. Creativity lies as much in thought, action, words... actually just about everywhere. I can be creative in the way I teach my son the basic shapes and colours, in the way I pack Vineet's lunch box, in the way I dress up (well, not me exactly, anyone... that is why Rocky S or Ritu Beri may be what they are), or even in what I think when guests turn up late for a party (the obvious would be that they are caught in traffic; the more creative guess will be that they are still wondering what coloured vase I might like better - orange or brown ;-) ). The point is that I cannot limit my definition or scope of creativity to anything... that would definitely kill 'creativity'.

Phew! Too much of creative gyan I guess. I am thinking of my next project already. Shall reveal it when the time is right of course. For now, I am signing off with pictures of some cards I made.

Aaryan's birthday invite

With help from my sisters-in-law

One of my favorites... Aaryan's card to Vineet

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Creativity and me


I am surprised I'm writing this and more so because of the title I have chosen for my blog. :-) Well, not that I am totally uncreative (if there exists such a term), but just that I am not creative enough to deserve this blog! Well, I have confused myself and you, I know!!!! I am writing after so so very long that I don't know where the words are running off.

Before I carry on with my blabbering, I have to dedicate this blog to my lovely son, Aaryan. He really is the one behind unleashing my creativity. Well, yes he is small, but after his birth I had so much free time that I could let my mind wander through a maze of colours, textures and creative thoughts. Here's to you, Aaryan!!

Anyway, those who do not know me at all or have known me only as a school going kid are going to be a tad taken aback. I am one of those students of Udyogamandal school, who managed to get an E grade for craft once and was never interested in doing anything in my art class (with fond memories of my craft and art teachers). This, inspite of the fact that embroidery kind of runs in the granny's embroidered creations are talks of parties and weddings in our family!!! What shame I brought her only I would know. I still can't embroider, I must admit; only an occasional cross stitch!

Well, coming back to the title of this blog... I would love to describe my tête-à-tête with what I call it in the kitchen, at home, or with my current favourite passtime - greeting cards!

I love cooking and try to be my creative best when I am really in the mood to conjure up a feast; and at my worst when I am forced to cook ;-) Vineet can be a good spokesperson for that! Not much of my creative side has taken over my home yet though :-( I am waiting for little Aaryan to grow up and stop throwing things around. Maybe then I can concentrate on home.

And greeting cards... what do I say? I know I am not making fabulous stuff and I know they don't look professional at most times... but I love them... the thought, the effort, the late nights, the colours... everything that goes into the making of each of my personalised creations. I love working on them.

In later posts, I hope to share my creations with you. I will then know what exactly my cards are worth ;-) though they already mean the world to me!!