Thursday, December 31, 2009

Happy New Year

Here's wishing everyone a very Happy New Year! Can't believe it is 2010 already... Where did the last decade go, can someone tell me!? For me a lot has changed... Marriage and a kid... Lots of new relations have been added and I've lost a few too... Coming to think of it, my whole life has changed this decade, but I am not complaining.
At the beginning of the 21st century... 2000... I was still a youngster in college; very undecided about my life and not knowing what the future had in store for me. Now, my son is already going to school; I am a homemaker with new interests, new hobbies, new passions. Everything from my way of dressing to my eating habits to my way of living.. has changed! And I still say I don't know where the decade went by??!! Guess I was too busy adapting to and going through these changes...

Has anything changed for you too?? Do write in...


Tuesday, December 15, 2009

No cards... some more fun stuff

I haven't made any card today. Did do a little background that I should be using tomorrow (when it is completely dry).
But I do have some fun stuff to share... I made some kiddie stuff ;-) A felt Rudolph and a paper Santa ;-)))

Monday, December 14, 2009

HP again

Hi all,

Nothing very new to share... We had been to Vineet's office on Friday. They had organised a little something for spouses and kids. The event was great - games, food, music, magic and a lot of fun. The kids had a fancy dress competition and they were to dress up as their favorite superhero... well, I got to know this only on Friday morning; so with the little time I had in hand, I thought spiderman would be too difficult and settled for Harry Potter once again.;-) I gathered some supplies; bought some more in a 15 minute shopping spree and set to work.
I got the idea for the amazing wand from the Instructables site... they used brown paint and distressed it with black; since I was out of brown, I went with copper and made a metallic wand with some help from my hot glue gun. I think the wand looked amazing. Then I made a normal wizard's hat and something that was supposed to be a broom. I gave him a golden ball (to take the place of the Quidditch 'snitch')... an oversized black t-shirt with some ribbon sewn to it; and a cape completed the look. I did call my good little friend, Sharanya, a huge HP fan, to get her inputs (and so as not to get the colors wrong!).. I added the Griffindor color on the hat. And this time I didn't forget the scar ;-)

Aaryan didn't let me click a full picture of him in the costume; though he did let the office photographer do so.. I am still waiting for that one... And he won the first prize :-)

And this last one was clicked yesterday... Sports day in school.

Tuesday, December 8, 2009

For my darling son!!

This post is dedicated totally to my darling son, Aaryan. God! how much I yell at him sometimes!!!!!! Poor thing...

Yesterday, I sat down, after ages, to do a bit of pencil coloring on my stamped image. The image had so many little details that it took me a lot of time... Then, not knowing what to do with it, I created a simple easel card and used the (huge!) image there ;-)... didn't like the look of the card, so I just let it be on the table to see what everyone else at home would say to it. Aaryan woke up from his afternoon nap after a while; he came directly to where the card was kept; looked at it... and smiled! :-) He asked me if I had made it for his birthday (which is in January, he reminded me again). An idea struck me and I told him that though it wasn't for his birthday (I had used the same image for his bday last year!), he could give it to his teachers in school for the holidays. He was so thrilled with the idea that he took the card in his little hands, turned it over, figured out how he'd close it to give it to his teachers and also that they would really like it. He came and gave me a hug and said...'Thank you, Mamma... you have used a button too' :D He absolutely adores busy cards and he loves buttons...

(the incomplete card)

Anyway, the card was incomplete then... Today I just saw a bit of lace peeping from my lace box. It reminded me of a candy cane (the exact same pattern!!), so I made a giant candy cane using a popsicle stick, bits of chipboard and the lace... Added the sentiments and a house (too lazy for a gingerbread house... might still color it brown though) and viola!! I hope Aaryan likes the new additions to his card...

The complete card

The candy cane (i loved it)

My little one's name (since this post is dedicated to him) and the little house


Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hoping to be back in action soon

Yeah, I know I have these long 'missing' spells off and on - the joys of motherhood!! ;-) Jokes apart, I had been caught up yet again with things on the home front. School admissions being top of the list. Finally, we have taken Aaryan's admission in a school close by. That is for the new session that begins in June. I am now relieved; all the stress of the past few week is gone and we can relax at last.
There were also a couple of weddings to attend. And attending a party in this city can be quite taxing. Travelling alone took us a couple of hours (one way!!) due to distances and the traffic. But yes, I did get to attend a very high profile wedding ;-) which was very interesting... and we managed to see Amitabh Bachchan, the big B of Indian cinema, from quite a close distance ;-)

Not done much of crafting in the past few days. I actually haven't even looked into my craft cupboard. So that is that.... hoping to get back to my papers and craft material next week.