Thursday, July 17, 2008

Creativity and me


I am surprised I'm writing this and more so because of the title I have chosen for my blog. :-) Well, not that I am totally uncreative (if there exists such a term), but just that I am not creative enough to deserve this blog! Well, I have confused myself and you, I know!!!! I am writing after so so very long that I don't know where the words are running off.

Before I carry on with my blabbering, I have to dedicate this blog to my lovely son, Aaryan. He really is the one behind unleashing my creativity. Well, yes he is small, but after his birth I had so much free time that I could let my mind wander through a maze of colours, textures and creative thoughts. Here's to you, Aaryan!!

Anyway, those who do not know me at all or have known me only as a school going kid are going to be a tad taken aback. I am one of those students of Udyogamandal school, who managed to get an E grade for craft once and was never interested in doing anything in my art class (with fond memories of my craft and art teachers). This, inspite of the fact that embroidery kind of runs in the granny's embroidered creations are talks of parties and weddings in our family!!! What shame I brought her only I would know. I still can't embroider, I must admit; only an occasional cross stitch!

Well, coming back to the title of this blog... I would love to describe my tête-à-tête with what I call it in the kitchen, at home, or with my current favourite passtime - greeting cards!

I love cooking and try to be my creative best when I am really in the mood to conjure up a feast; and at my worst when I am forced to cook ;-) Vineet can be a good spokesperson for that! Not much of my creative side has taken over my home yet though :-( I am waiting for little Aaryan to grow up and stop throwing things around. Maybe then I can concentrate on home.

And greeting cards... what do I say? I know I am not making fabulous stuff and I know they don't look professional at most times... but I love them... the thought, the effort, the late nights, the colours... everything that goes into the making of each of my personalised creations. I love working on them.

In later posts, I hope to share my creations with you. I will then know what exactly my cards are worth ;-) though they already mean the world to me!!


  1. Go Ponnammal Ma'am!
    Go Veera Morris Ma'am!!

    They're the ones who sowed these seeds of "kreativity" in you, dude! Especially the former! "Andhoooreeeeee"! :D

    By the way, have you ever wondered what Ponnammal Ma'am's last name is??? :D :D :D

  2. Heyyyyy Smita!! Way to go, babe. Am really happy to see this blog. Am sure this will spur you on to do more :-).

    Look forward to some awesome work from you!!

  3. hi didi........... finally checked it out u seee......
    Its really nice to see u make such a blog....... i am impressed......
    way to go Aaryan......... plzz notice the Aa in his name it was a bit of my idea.........
    BYE enjoy.........