Sunday, October 12, 2008

Laura's sketch # 10: It's a boy

Hi all,

I am terribly late for this challenge on 2S4U. I have been very busy all this week with my in-laws visiting. I have also been cleaning up my home for Diwali... gosh, there is hardly any time left and I am not even half way through... I have not had the time to create anything much so far. A few gift bags and this one card is all I have managed in the last few days.

Here's the card story. My mom-in-law wanted a card to give to somebody on the birth of their baby boy. After an almost 4 month long search for a tool to cut circles, I finally found one on Friday. I was so happy that I immediately knew what I wanted to make for Mummy. In the same store, I also found some amazing colors in textured papers. I didn't want handmade paper because I was having trouble cutting them neatly. So I bought the bright yellow, awesome red, and green textured papers. I made the pram using normal blue cardstock. Mummy had also liked the two-pocket card I made earlier using Maria's tutorial, so I knew I had to use the technique in this card. Accordian style cards are a personal favorite and I tried using both techniques in this one. And of course, 2S4U is one of my favorite places to visit, so I based my card on Laura's sketch # 10. That's about it!!

For the first time in ages, I absolutely loved my card!! I really don't mind if nobody else does!!

Here's a bit about the gift bags. I made the blue backpack based on DeeDee's tutorial. Her's definitely looks lovely. I didn't have any choice of patterned paper, so I made do with whatever I had. I will be putting in a gift for one of Vineet's friend's newborn baby boy. I loved the idea of making a backpack gift bag!!

The red and green gift bag uses handmade papers. I love the golden tint in them. This bag is also based on one of DeeDee's tutorials.
The pink and offwhite bag is based on Paula Goff's tutorial. She has some superb gift bag tutorials.

The red and green one is made with handmade paper. I love the golden tint in these papers.
That's from me for now.


  1. Oh, I LOVE LOVE LOVE the last pic. The two bags..and I was just going to add: I love the golden tint! And the maroon looks so PRETTY; someone should make a dress in that combination.

    Awesome paper bags! You should seriously start a store or something didi!

  2. Fabulous creations! How special for your mom to ask you to create a card for her friend. I just know she is thrilled to have received such a cute handmade card from you.