Sunday, October 4, 2009

The crafting itch....

Hi there everyone,

It is now almost 5 months since I last crafted properly (except for my anniversary cards in June)!! Can you imagine a crafter staying away from her tools for so long??! Even I can't... but the situation has been such that I am left with no choice. I have been having people coming and staying all the time since we returned from our vacation... And I am one person who needs all the peace and quiet possible to be able to sit and craft! I can't stand interference and talking while I sit down to work... and there has not been this kind of a suitable environment for me since so long!

Anyway, now I want to craft... and the inspiration - apart from my own little creative side - is the new Fiskars Paper Trimmer that my dad got for me from Australia. I have been dying to own one of those; so now I am in seventh heaven. I shall hopefully be able to create something in the next few days... :-)

Here's a pic of what I've got... (this is from a website though):



  1. totally agree... dats y craft is my best companion... just love being by myself n crafting... am sure u ll hve a gr8 time wid the trimmer... hve one too, its very very convinient... though yrs is lukin better than mine...lolz

    hve fun playing wid yz new toy...

    do take out time to visit my blog...


  2. Hi girl!
    Great to see you back! have fun with the winning goodies!

  3. LOVE it! Can;t wait to see what magic you'll make with it!

    I SO miss being here, didi! Hope to have you back real soon!

  4. Hey great to have you back Smita.....we've missed u!!

  5. That trimmer is a boon! I can't do without it :) Keep crafting...