Sunday, April 18, 2010

Tough one...

Ok, this post has been a bit overdue now. I've been trying to post it for the past 3 days...! I had been working on some (30+) birth announcement cards for a friend. Since this was the first time I made cards in such quantity (not counting my actual first time for my little boy's first birthday), this was quite a challenging job for me. To make things more difficult for myself, I had come up with quite an intricate design that involved a lot of hand cutting (other than the card base and the first layer, everything was cut by my little fingers and my trusted pair of scissors... LOL). Anyway, cribbing apart, this was an enjoyable project that also taught me a lot! :-) And I loved the final product... and so did everybody at home. 

My friend wanted the card to be traditional with the use of fabric, warm colors, and gold... the message on most cards was in Hindi (written by her) and a imilar one in English on the other cards.

A little bit of distressing... (the whole card had a vintage feel)... a little bit of dimension... hand made knots and random patterns with the golden lace at the bottom of the card... the baby's bundle is cut out of fabric and beads were stuck to that.. basically, a lot of work ;-)

The background paper is printed handmade paper; the orange bits of paper are another variety of handmade paper that almost look and feel like fabric.. the sentiment is printed.

And here's a pic of all of them together:

Hope you like it :-)


psst psst: I'm off for a week to my parent's place... won't be crafting this whole week I guess. I'll try and check out your blogs as often as I can though! Happy crafting to all of you


  1. Hey.. spent the last hour on your blog..
    Liked it!

  2. WooHoo Smita! You did it! Wow when you told me you had 30 to do I almost died. These are so gorgeous! It's so much fun to see what's traditional in other cultures. xxD

  3. Wow did you al made them...what a can be proud of yourself! And I love them!

  4. we sure do love them... looks like a lot of hard work... looks great...

  5. beautiful Smita.. Kudos to you.. really lots of work..

  6. pretty!!.. hats off to ur awesome work!!.. u rock!! :D

  7. Smita these are fantastic!!! So creative. I cannot believe you cut all those little bits by hand. Wow!

  8. so beautiful - put your feet up and have a great week

  9. Well done...need to learn from you how to make them in bulk. I barely can make two cards resembling each other...

    Super!Have a good vacation!


  10. You are one patient lady Smita!!
    Amazing work!!