Thursday, June 23, 2011

Comeback...ummm well, trying to!

Hey there people!!

How have you been doing?! Remember me? :) I know it has been the longest ever absence! Well, I am now trying to get back to crafting! And it is very tough after these 2 months! I have been home for a while now, but didn't have access to the computer (my new sister-in-law needed it for her work) and I was also occupied with Aaryan (school's just begun last week!) - ahh, well.... excuses! Anyway, trying to get back my lost mojo and I hope you'll help me find it ;-)

Nothing much to talk about the card. I chose the sketch at Card Patterns (#120) to come out of my self claimed sabbatical! You know my love for sketches... they usually help me start off :) I used the PTI backgrounds (Background Basics - Retro) stamp set and stamped them alternately in 2 colors. Just in case you didn't notice, the sentiment is raised... I aligned and stamped the background on a bit of white CS again and popped it up against the existing background.

Hoping to be more active now on! See you around...



  1. Such a sweet card! Love the stamping! :)

    P/s: Glad you're back in action Smita!

  2. Glad that you are back . Next week hopefully i will be back too. Sketches definitely help getting back on your feet . good choice and nice card

  3. welcome back dear... love the card .. love the stamping...

  4. Welcome back girlie, missing dropping by your blog!!
    And it was good that you mentioned that you stamped the image..coz I can't imagine stamping coming from you..I was trying to see how you'd cut the pattern paper!!!

  5. Eiyiyi! I was just talking about you at lunch today. Been missing you badly! So happy to see you back and crafting! Love the stamping! xxD

  6. So happy to see you back Smita, its hard to stay blogging sometimes, I can definitely relate.

    this is such a lovely card

  7. i hope all is well, the picture does not show on my pic hun

  8. welcome back!!.. cute card! :D :D :D

  9. Welcome back, Smita! I've missed you!! Glad you are finding some time to get crafty and blog again. I'm happy to see that you own the retro backgrounds and I love what you've done with it!