Friday, July 1, 2011

Thank You!!

Heya people,

This post is dedicated to my friends in blogland :). I'm touched by all the love I have got from great friends out here. I thought it would take me the longest time ever to get back to crafting and into your minds... but you all proved me wrong. Thanks to everyone who sent warm anniversary wishes our way on the 27th. A lot of my family members forgot but you all didn't and I am overwhelmed by the love!

We even received a few anniversary cards (and guess what? SMITA has still not made that special card for her DH!!). Vineet was surprised that people I hadn't met were wishing us on our big day! :)

 Thanks Tejal for this 'Beautiful' card!

Thanks Ujjwal for the 'large' wishes (this is a big card :))

Thank you Ash for 'thinking of us'!!

Thank you all once again for keeping us in your thoughts!!



  1. Lovely cards Smita... I heart especially the first.. so elegant :)

  2. Oh I'm so sorry I missed it! Happy Anniversary to you both! Beautiful cards! xxD

  3. It is very beautiful card. you not includes so many stuffs in it like flowers, pearls and many more. After all its simpleness is best to attract viewers.
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