Monday, August 22, 2011

Absence makes the heart fonder...

.... or so I am choosing to believe! :) I am hoping against hope that I have been missed in blogland.... haven't I, me dear blog buddies? :) Lol! I know this year has been terrible for my blogging (starting from April/May). Well, I couldn't help it most times - schoolwork for example!! I didn't even have access to a computer on most days. :( A new member in the family (OMG! No! I haven't had another baby :-p) has meant a lot of adjustment and extra work at home on my end. Finally, hubby decided I needed my own laptop to help preserve my sanity :) and here I am! Yes, I know you are happy for me {winks}.... thank you! ;-)

I haven't crafted since my last post though... :( I am hoping to try something this week. Please please please pray that I am here for good now!



  1. Ameen! I hope you start creating real soon! Will be watching this space. Congrats on your new lappy, I need to get a new one too... the one i am using right now.. it's half screen has gone white.. :/

  2. You have been missed A LOTT!... Congrats on ur new lappy! :D :D
    Now blog more often!.. If not any project, just a quickie update! ;) :)

  3. WooHoo! A new computer of your own! Now there's no excuse. LOL So happy to see a post. Can't wait to see you crafting regularly again. Of course I missed you LOTS! xxD

  4. You can teach the new member of your family to craft..that way both of you can sit and make some nice cards..hope to catch up with you soon in mumbai

  5. Hey! Missed your posts alright! Some of us have life take over so not been as regular as well! But then....nice feeling to have someone checking in you ya, right? Take care and have fun discovering the world on your new lappy! :)

  6. HI girl...the first mini I made using my 12x12 page tech I used binding rings. I used 4 pages and it held up prefectly. I also used ribbon to bind one of them and that worked great. Thanks so much for watching...

  7. my dear, you have been missed. Welcome back. And sometimes it is nice to have a break