Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Anniversary Album

Hi all,

My mother in law hasn't been keeping well for the last couple of days and was in a critical condition yesterday. Please do remember her in your prayers. She is recovering now but not yet fully well! :(

I wanted to share an anniversary album (envelope album measuring approximately 9" * 6") that I made on order for a friend's friend. She had seen some of my work and asked if I could make one for her to give her hubby on their anniversary. I am not really very good with albums but I've given this my very best shot. 

This is going to be a image heavy post!

PS: The page and album title are her own and she'll be adding the pictures later.

For the cover page, I used some gorgeous Hobby Ideas paper and a boat cut out from old denim (yeah, I am finally learning to recycle and reuse!). The album is intended for a person who sailed a great deal! :)

The themes for the pages denote moments in the couple's life so I won't elaborate on them here. This page is one of the most interesting ones, and here is a little video (my first ever!) showing how the pull tag works:

I got the video for this sliding mechanism on uTube - and I think this was it.

Here, I made a little easel card on one side and I've left space for journaling and a picture. I loved the tiny easel! :) I've used Pie Lane glitter strips here.

This acetate pull out tag with Eric Segal's Love Story cover on one side and journaling space on the other was an idea I got when she briefed me about them.

This page is for their kids (as is obvious)! and the little pocket on the left is for some memorabilia that she has saved for a long time. The pages flap open on both sides like this:

This page is for their sailing days together. I am so glad I have appropriate TH masks!! :) The sailor's cap/boat (not too sure what it looks like now :-p) is made from one of the pages of Love Story :D. The blue paper on the right is again recycled - it is from the bit of leftover wallpaper from my parents' home. Can you see the Pie Lane glitter balls on the right border? :)

The flappy folded part on the right was an idea I picked right out of a magazine. It landed in my lap yesterday and the moment I saw it, I knew I wanted to recreate. :) The gap in between is measured for a photograph.

This is one of my favorite bits of recycling. I recycled tape from an old audio cassette tape... not my idea of course... i tweaked a tutorial from here.

More journaling space apart from the pull out tags.

Another simple but favorite page.

The back cover... love this paper and I am really sad it is over :(

I was inspired by Laura of Following the Paper Trail and from Flickr galleries. But most of it came by on its own because my customer had some specific ideas in mind.

Hope you liked my attempts at making a full fledged album!




  1. I love it...its beautiful, its wonderful and its completely interactive...i love the thought process that went into it...I'm sure it will be well loved!!
    Keeping you mum in law in my prayers...let me know if you need anythihng!!


  2.'s awesome! Loved each and every page..and technique too! Keeping your mother in law in prayers.

  3. Very very pretty... each and every page is fab... gr8 project!
    Will pray for your MIL's well being...

  4. this is lovely.... i love every element in it... praying for ur MIL!!!

  5. i am inspired to make something like this .. :)
    love it totally

  6. wow beautiful album dear.. love it... keeping your Mother in law in prayers.. she will be all right...

  7. this is absolutely INCREDIBLE, D! :) mail sent!

  8. Oh wow! Lots of fabulous details on this labour of love! Awesome work Smita! :)

    Sending positive energies for your mother-in-law! Take care.

  9. so beautiful and loved every detailing done...! awesome...!

    keeping your mother in law in prayers. she will be alright..!
    take care

  10. Smita, you won our Mail Art Postal pack giveaway at Gauche Alchemy. Please send your mailing address to

  11. lots of prayers for your MIL.
    I love your album, 6X9 is a lot of space... and you managed to get every inch of it beautifully covered. I love all the masking and recycling. that denim boat is AWESOME. you must make a card with a denim boat. i am sure it will turn out really cute.
    Brilliant work Smita.
    You can tell Arayan to take the glitter balls out in a bowl when he is working. I think this will help.

  12. This is a beautiful work! Every page is unique and neatly made! I know how much effort goes there:)

  13. Loved chatting with you the other day. This album is AMAZING! I can see why it brought her to tears. I'm getting a little misty myself. Fabulous work, Chickie! So many wonderful details. xxD

  14. What a gorgeous album, Smita! It's been a while since I came by but I sure hope your mother in law has recovered by now. Hugs to you!

  15. OMG Its beautiful!.. Super fabbie album!.. LOVE the use of the book cover! :D