Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Creativity and me...

Hello everyone!

I know my posts have been a bit too sporadic in the past few months. This time I have no reasons... I don't know what's been keeping me from crafting. Busy, yes, but not sooo busy that I can't craft. Anyway, here is what I have to share with you today:

First, a 'card' by Aaryan for his favorite 'chachu' (my husband's younger brother):

Not the best picture I guess, and not the best work by Aaryan but yes, it is from his heart :D My boy has used only scrappy bits that Mamma 'doesn't need'. He just came and asked me if I could spare some things - anything - that I may not want; then sat with his glue stick and created this by sticking it all in a random pattern. He also upcycled some things (like the plastic sheet in the middle, a stone that came off from a sandal  - insisting that it is a black colored diamond for his uncle- and that foam letter 'E' which is not a letter but just a 'pattern'!) I asked if he wanted my help folding a card but he said he didn't want to make a 'normal' card and he just wanted to do his own thing!! :D The flowers are ready made but everything else is scrap that was lying in my scrap pile! And it is a big card!!! He has signed off with his name too :-p

I am, of course, submitting this for the ICR kids card challenge.

Second, a card my sister-in-law asked me to make for her hubby (yes, Aaryan's favorite uncle, that is):

The inside:

and the coordinating envelope:

Well, the story behind it is related to those headphones! I have finally realized something... though we keep saying that it is difficult to craft for men, there is one thing that isn't so difficult. Every man has a weakness (apart from the woman in their life ;-) ) - sports, gadgets, cars or such like! And my brother-in-law is a gadget freak :-p with these speakers and headphones being on his wishlist forever! :D So, though nobody is yet gifting him these, I thought it would go well in her card! The quote is of course partly Shakespeare and partly me ;-)

All that glitters on this card and envelope is Pie Lane! :)
I love the heart chain! ;-) It took me a while to get the trick right though... courtesy a utube video.

I am submitting this card for:




  1. Aww! That is so adorable.... I truly appreciate his efforts & passion.... BRILLIANT!!! I only hope & wish these kids help their passion grow along with them.... The fact that it is hung from a hanger gives me the clear picture of its size... Very innovative of them.... Nice to see they don't wanna be OLD SCHOOL! Thank You so much for helping him join us @ ICR, Sweetie... :D

    Ash.. :)

  2. Whoa!! That's a big size card!! his own style!!
    Good work boy!
    And mama, good work on those headphone card...gadgets gadgets is all they want!!!

  3. I love that your little one is such a crafter and so thoughtful :)

    And Smita, your card is so thoughtful too. love the headphones. And well yes, as Tejal said...gadgets and more gadgets is all they want :)

  4. Aaryan has made such a sweet card! Its so much fun to see kids do their work on their own! :)
    And your card is awesome! The headphones have come out really nicely!

  5. Wow I love the heart chain pop up-- shall borrow this idea from you as I love to make anything"out of the mill"
    Yes our kiddos sometimes make us feel guilty that we give them only our scraps isnt it-- I do the same too as otherwise I wouldnt be left with anything to craft!!

  6. Love the strip of cool! And your boy is so creative that he has his own ideas! :)

  7. You had me at the headphones. Very cool. But the heart chain is awesome. I've never tried this. It looks wonderful. So inspiring.

  8. Never too late Smita... your card is super I love it. Thanks for sharing
    Love Cynthia x