Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tipsy well card

Who hasn't seen the awesome projects done by Dr.Sonia at her blog. My son, Aaryan, and I are in awe of her creations and even yesterday we were ogling at her work! :)) He had a birthday party to attend in the evening and though initially we hadn't intended to give a card, we thought we'd tweak the wishing well in Dr. Sonia's post and make something 3D. Pardonnez-moi the extremely terrible photos...

We didn't put in much effort... just made it using paper from the DCWV Nana's Kids/Nursery pack and added some buttons and stickers. It was a very quick card and didn't really look as hopeless as it does in the pictures :D



  1. Smita it is adorable..I love it. The jungle theme paper looks so good.. Ha Ha I think I will make one wishing well card too inspired by your project--I love it! If I showed it to my daughter I bet she will love this much more than mine as it will appeal to a child so well.Those buttons on the well look so good too


  2. very pretty...love the 3D hippo

  3. WOW!.. Its amazing! :D
    And such a great idea! ;)

  4. Oh c'mon now Smita, the pictures arnt bad! This is a very cute project and u r right, Sonia is very very talented!

  5. Life is not merely to be alive, but to be well g7capsules ):