Friday, December 12, 2008

Home at last!!!

Hi all,
I am finally back home. Yes, after a very very long trip to Kolkata... The trip was wonderful, I must say. Mixed emotions and feelings... I had been waiting very long for Richa's wedding... and now it is almost 3 weeks since then and she is miles away in the US. Time either crawls or just whizzes past; there is no middle path!! We were all very busy throughout last month-first, in preparation for the wedding and then, in attending other weddings.
Richa looked like a princess on her wedding day! Really! Attaching a snap of theirs along with this post, so you'll know how serious I am. Richa, I miss you a lot... though we mostly talked on the phone!
And there is something more I have to share... Chirag got me this superb set of papers for card making!! I am so thrilled with the sheets that I don't know what to do with them :-) Hoping to get down to card making soon.
Aaryan has just started going to school this week. I am looking forward to loads of fun with him and his talks about school... but when will my little one speak!!!!!! God! Nobody is more anxious about it than I am... but he is attempting now, and I guess that is a positive sign. I am also looking forward to packing great food in his tiffin box, but the guy doesn't eat a thing!! :-( Aaryan... eat so that Mamma is inspired to cook :-)!!!


  1. Wow, that is awesome! You are going to have so much fun with the card papers!

    Aaryan is starting school? My God. My newphew is growing up! All the very best to him.

  2. Didi! I miss you too! :( Hope you liked all the snaps I've sent in... (check your email if you haven't seen them yet, doofus! hehe)... And this is a lovely snap of the 2 of us.. one of my favourites.. :) can't wait to see all the cards you'll be making now on! :)