Thursday, December 18, 2008

It has been really long...

Hi all,
Finally I am back online actively; and I've finally created a card. I thought I would not be able to even think creatively for a long long time after this break of a month and a half.

Anyway, here's the card for Laura's sketch # 15. I made this one for my dad. It is Papa's birthday on the 21st and we will be visiting him then. I was almost sure I would end up not making a card for him if I had procrastinated any more. But as I mentioned earlier, time is flying these days. With Aaryan in school now, I don't know when my day begins and when it ends. It is just too hectic for now.
More about the card. I used glossy cardstock as the base. The blue and green cardstocks are part of the metallic sheets Chirag (my sister's husband) got for me from the US (A C Moore, I believe). He got me the loveliest collection of papers, and I am so grateful to him for that. I didn't try to keep the card too masculine simply because I wanted to add the daughter's touch to it, so I have generously used lace (from my mom's old collection) and glitter and rhinestones. The green buttons and the twine are from local craft stores; the bigger buttons from mom's stock again; the silver squares are from the Hobby Ideas store here and so is the sentiment. I kind of like the card and so did everyone at home. Just hoping that Papa doesn't see it before the 21st. :-)



  1. Darling card your dad will love it!

  2. It is a beautiful card... Hugs...SK :)

  3. Very pretty! Great take on this week's sketch!

  4. The above comment left by Dan was actually me...sorry I forgot and was still signed in as my DH! 0-:

  5. Sushil bhaiya is going to love this; I totally agree with Laura. I can't wait to see the real thing!

  6. great take on laura's sketch!!

  7. awesome, awesome card! man! all our names are going to look oh-so-pretty on it!