Saturday, December 5, 2009

Hoping to be back in action soon

Yeah, I know I have these long 'missing' spells off and on - the joys of motherhood!! ;-) Jokes apart, I had been caught up yet again with things on the home front. School admissions being top of the list. Finally, we have taken Aaryan's admission in a school close by. That is for the new session that begins in June. I am now relieved; all the stress of the past few week is gone and we can relax at last.
There were also a couple of weddings to attend. And attending a party in this city can be quite taxing. Travelling alone took us a couple of hours (one way!!) due to distances and the traffic. But yes, I did get to attend a very high profile wedding ;-) which was very interesting... and we managed to see Amitabh Bachchan, the big B of Indian cinema, from quite a close distance ;-)

Not done much of crafting in the past few days. I actually haven't even looked into my craft cupboard. So that is that.... hoping to get back to my papers and craft material next week.



  1. Seems like I have missed a few things here so they were fun to see. I signed up as a follower so that won't happen again. I thought I already was a follower but think that may have been your other blog. Can't wait to see you back in the crafting spirit. Hugs, D

  2. wow!!! i am a biiiig fan of AB...
    hoping to c yr creations soon!!!

  3. I've missed you! Please come back soon!

  4. Hi Smita. Wow, your life really sounds busy but exciting at the same time. Hope you get to some crafting therapy soon.