Monday, January 25, 2010

You don't know till you try...!

I was excited about the first ATC swap we are having here with fellow Indian cardmakers. Unfortunately, I couldn't work on the ATC when I should have. Today, I finally sat down to it... Since I was crafting after soooooo very long, the mind sure was bursting with ideas. But only when I got down to cutting the base cardstock did I realize how really tiny an ATC is :D... Anyways, I still carried on with my initial plan... till my son, Aaryan, decided to wake up from his noon nap in less than half an hour after he went off to sleep... And he was sitting with me all the while asking why I was doing each step.! Phew!! Finally, after loads of distraction, I completed the ATCs, but now I am not satisfied with them :-(
I will show them to DH in the evening to seek his opinion and if all is well, I'll post them on Wednesday. Tomorrow is India's Republic Day (a national holiday)...! Otherwise, I'll need to get down to creating another set.
If I hadn't tried making the ATCs today, I'd never have known the difference between making a card and an ATC... the thought process may be similar, but not the same for sure...!! :-) Hoping my hostess for this month will overlook our little follies since this may be the first time for most of us :)
Cheers to the group of Indian card makers who dared to go beyond our limitations to take up a hobby that is so difficult to keep up here! But we've all turned a hobby and some curiosity into our passion... :-)



  1. lolz.. yeah!.. the same thing happened to me!.. u just gotta "scale" everything down.. lolz! :D

  2. dats so true Smita... my mind was bubbling with ideas before i sat down to make one... bt soon i realised how big[read as small :)] 6cmsx9cms is... lolz... guess we'll get better with time:)

  3. yeah that's so true, i kinda had a vague idea that it'll be small but I had not imagined that it'll bo so small!!

  4. Oh Yeah Smita, those ATC's are TINY! I've only done them ONCE! YIKES! xxD