Friday, February 19, 2010

A Blog Award

Hi all,

Writing this post from our hometown, Kolkata. Not a good trip so far. There had been some unexpected and unfortunate turn of events after we reached here. Things are a little better today and I thought I'd log on. It was a pleasant surprise to see a blog award from Shalini.

Thank you Shalini. And 10 things that make me happy are:

1) Crafting
2) Shopping, shopping, shopping... retail therapy is unbeatable!
3) My son
4) A hug/smile from hubby
5) Support and smiles from my parents, siblings and friends
6) Surprise gifts
7) New clothes and jewelery
8) Good food and cooking/baking
9) Blogging and reading blogs (!)
10) Dinners at fancy restaurants ;-)



  1. I have missed you didi! Hope you start blogging properly again soon!

  2. Glad this cheered you up Smita! No fun to have troubles on a trip. Boy, I'm right there with you on the things you love. xxD