Monday, March 29, 2010

Two cards

This one is a sample card I made for a friend who wanted some birth announcement cards. I will need to make loads of changes to this one depending on her requirements so I thought it safe enough to post here.

Kind of bored of seeing yellow on my cards now... I just promised myself something different tomorrow...!

And this next is just an attempted ode to Tim Holtz... he he he... You know, when I started blogging and paper crafting, I couldn't understand anybody's love for distressing or for vintage images in the cards. In fact, I hated distressing... I did like those coffee-stained/aged papers though. Anyway, things have changed a great deal since then. I am now a great Tim Holtz fan... ordered a few masks and a distress ink. This card isn't a card per se... just a folded card stock on which I have tried masking and using distress ink ;-)...


  1. cute baby the multicolored button.
    Hey the distressing and masking looks great!I'm also a huge Tim Holtz fan, I have a couple of his masks, can't wait to get more, don't have any distress inks though (a piece of sponge inked with regular stamp pad inks works fine too)

  2. sweet of you to leave a comment for me. You have been busy girl!! Very cute cards!

  3. such a sweet baby card... just feel a softer colour wud luk better for the swiss dots though:)

    love the distressed effect too... very pretty!!!

  4. Thanks girls...
    Yes, Shalini... I too feel a softer color looks better. No time to go shopping for paper and I am out of colors as of now :-( So I had to make do with this... bad, I know! But I did mention the softness requirement to my friend too when I mailed this to her ;-)

  5. The baby image seems to be one from hobby Ideas, is it. Can't find this stamp set in Ahd hobby ideas. Love the cards..

  6. Oh WOW Smita! I can see you're having a ball with your new toy! Both cards are fab, and I LOVe your distressing! xxD