Sunday, March 7, 2010

One of my favorites so far

Here's a card I just made... started with random ideas... but this one has turned out to be one of my most favorite ones so far. But the best of my cards (according to me, of course) should be posted later this week (after Dh's birthday).

This is for my maternal uncle and aunt's 25th wedding anniversary. I hope they like it.

The flower is inspired by Enfys. I loved her flower so much that it immediately started off an idea flow in my mind for this card that I'd been trying to make since yesterday. Thanks a ton, Enfys, for being such an inspiration!!

A closeup of the flower (pat pat... proud of meself.. ;-) )

I've used both handmade and regular cardstocks here. The flourishes are another current favorite with me... from a Faber Castell stencil. Hope you like this card too (if you see the disastrous card that I'd come up with yesterday, you'll surely like this one...LOL!)



  1. HI Smita... its really beautiful...i really love the flower..

  2. Oh this is gorgeous Smita! That flower is stunning (Enfys is always such an inspiration) and the flourshes are divine! Beautiful beautiful work! Glad you tried my other email. Sorry I never check gmail. Congrats on the bug! xxD

  3. Hi girl
    How are you?
    I also see all your work...but I really have had a busy time,but I made some decisions and from now it will be better, great work!

  4. lols.. no need to c the distastrous card.. i like it alredy!.. the flower is soo beautiful.. i luv ur mix-matching of papers.. :D

  5. LOVE the card! Both of us do! :D and CG's amazed at all the friends you've made here. :P

    can't wait to see your masterpiece, though. ;)

  6. lovely Smita... the flower is looking so good.... :)

  7. I love the card!!! Love how you've added the beads. Great work!!