Monday, July 5, 2010

Sorry friends!!

Hey all,

I have been a bad bad blogger of late... I have neither been blogging nor visiting your blogs! I am sorry... life's been keeping me a tad busy (and making me lazy too) yet again. Many a time, I'm only checking mails on my mobile phone, so I don't bother straining my eyes too much.... strict instructions from hubby not to wear my eyes out coz I've been complaining of a slight discomfort in my eyes.... I thought I'd just take it easy for a while. Hoping to be back to crafting this week!

Just a little something I wanted to share with you all:

Yes, my first layout. And this is what I gave to hubby dearest instead of a card on our anniversary ;-) He had never seen anything like a scrap layout so he was very impressed :-) and I was in heaven!!

PS: I had submitted this secretly for Yvonne's challenge since I didn't want to risk DH seeing it on the blog before I gave it to him!

Till later...


  1. wow!! Thats sooo nice.. I am sure your husband went gaga over it!! :)

  2. Surely a surprise & a bundle of joy..... Very beautiful :)


  3. super duper awesome!!.. love it!!.. and congrats on your win! :D

  4. and you won!!! Congrats!!! very pretty Smita...

  5. Oh, this is SO pretty!!!!!!!!!! I love scrap layouts!

  6. Sooo gorgeous Smita! I was thinking, wait a minute, I've seen this and then remembered you emailed me the pic because you didn't want to spoil the surprise. So happy he appreciated your hard work It's exquisite! xxD

  7. wow this is absolutely lovely all the little wonder your hubby loved it!

  8. Ow this is perfect look at the colors the picture...wonderful work!

  9. What a great surprise for your hubby! It is really an awesome layout...even more so for the first try! Congrats on your win! :)