Monday, July 26, 2010

Two for Card Patterns Sketch 74

Sorry I have been irregular at your blogs once again. Hardly been able to come online of late... Aaryan was attending a camp and I was busy ferrying him to and fro ;-) PLUS because of the disaster with my punches, my MOJO was not working LOL!

Today's cards are based on the Card Patterns sketch this week. I hadn't been able to take part in the last couple of weeks though the sketches were awesome!! :-(

The first card is made to order for my sister-in-law's friend. She wanted a bright and glittery card for a relative's 50th birthday.

By the way, the tile punch effect that you see on the rust panel is the one I broke! :-( This was the last work using the punch... {sigh....}. Apart from that, there is some embossing, loads of bling and some lace. And yeah, butterflies {so unusual of me to use them but the punch is sort of good, so I didn't mind using it}.

The next card is another one made for my sister-in-law. She had asked me to make a few general ones... Again based on the Card Patterns sketch.

The flower is layered (around 6 layers in all) and is from a pack of floral collage sheets I got from Vineet's friend a few days back. I think it looks cute. :-) Aah yes... butterflies again. This time stamped ;-)... The verse stamp is one of my own... I used an old school prayer for the text. :-)


  1. Oh these are both just GORGEOUS, Smita! LOVE the textures and colors! I can see why you're heartbroken over breaking that punch! xxD

  2. awesome cards!.. the first one is soo amazing!.. the shine and the glitter!.. i love the bling!.. oh the punch was good! :(.. but not THAT good anyways! ;)
    I love the edge of the second card and wow!.. the flower is awesome! :)

  3. I love the textures on the cards Smita! My fave is the second's very elegant!

  4. Both of these cards are gorgeous

  5. I see my butterfly fascination rubbed off onto you! yay! so gorgeous both of them..and yes I can see why you're heart broken, it was a gorgeous punch!
    I still am hunting for that butterfly punch, that which you have..can't find it anywhere!

  6. I am sorry for the sad demise of that lovely punch.... I do understand & see the bond u shared with it..... :( Lovely creations.... Nothing is for ever.... It hurts more because it is a handful of them, that we cannot afford to let go.... My heart shaped border punch broke too, but I am still trying to use them in a very delicate manner.... When I become a pain to the broken stuff, it just throws off all the parts out, that I gather again & try to put them in place for a reuse.... ;) I am adamant too, like my stuffs.... ;) Hugs )))


  7. These are lovely cards. I am so sorry for the punch! It really looks lovely. Looks like you have got nice stuff in your stash.

  8. These are wonderful Smita! I've neglected my blog surfing for too long. Glad to see you making these lovelies!