Thursday, November 11, 2010

Here I am!

Here I am back with a card and more after really really long. The Mojo's still not up and running as I want it to be though :-( Before getting down to my card, here's a little glimpse of 4 of the 15 cards my little Aaryan made for Diwali:

His drawing teacher taught him a fun background technique using crayons and he loved it so much that he made a card for each member of the family... he drew and colored the pictures himself :-) and he had a story attached to each picture (and a different picture for each card)! The second card from the left is what he gave me... he was trying to draw a kite.. the shape got distorted so he actually fixed it himself and told me that it was 2 kites stuck in a tree :-). I loved his explanation!!! And I loved every single card he made... He also wrote in each card himself (and he hasn't learnt the letters yet!! but he knew the basic shapes and wanted to write on his own... ) Proud of you, my darling Aaryan!

And here is my not so great card following the sketch at 2Sketches4You:

The stamp is Hobby Ideas and the PP is American Crafts. All other materials from stash...

ETA: I made it to top 5 at Get Sketchy for their Challenge #60 for this card! Thanks for letting me know, Juhi! I am soooooo happy and I didn't expect it :-)



  1. awww... so so cute... love his cards and love his li'll story about the 2 kites... adorable!!!

  2. looks like Aryan is truly taking after his mom!! such cute ideas...and stop berating yourself on your cards...they're better than you think they are!!
    p.s. did you get the bracket punch? on the sides of the stamping? I picked this stamp and then left it..picked another one instead..
    Welcome back after this long break!

  3. awww scho cute !!! such a pretty card..Black and red is such a lovely combo.. Oh,i made my first card sometime back..and am hooked !!:-)

  4. awwwwwwww you must be one proud mum!! his cards are soooooo adorable, I guess you are going to get some serious competition very soon :P
    hey you also made a black, white n red card!love the stamping n the rounded corners.....

  5. Aryan is soo talented!I think your card is quite good!.and congrats on your win at getsketchy!!

  6. Your card is so beautiful and elegant!! Awesome job!!

    Your sons cards are so cute too.. awww... :)

    Congrats on your get sketchy recognition!

    And thanks for stopping by my blog!!

  7. Awww, love all of Aaryan's cards! He's definitely a budding artist. I love that background and my favourite is the two kites stuck in a tree! :D

    You're being too hard on yourself. I don't see a lost mojo and your card is as lovely as usual! Congratulations on making the Top 5 at Get Sketchy - very well-deserved for that beautiful card!

  8. lovely card,congrats on making it to top 5:)

  9. I liked them all.... Really Stunning!!! Kudos!!!!


  10. Lovely!
    Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

  11. looks like you have a little artist on your hands:)

    I love your card for today...and congrats on the Get Sketchy win!

  12. HeeeHee! Aryan is such a Sweetie and his cards are fabulous! LOVE the 2 kites in the tree. Your card is lovely too and I'm not a bit surprised as the win from Get Sketchy. xxD

  13. cute is your son!! totally adorable!!

    Congrats on your Get Sketchy win!! You deserve it!!

    I love this card too!! I love that pattern paper you have used and the color combo is lovely!!

  14. Lovely card Smita! :) And your boy is so talented too! :)

  15. Aww Aaryan's cards are so awesome and so is yours!!! Way to go!

  16. so sweet...ur sons exactly following ur footsteps...wat a proud feeling isnt it? lovely card

  17. LOVE your paper! i SO love damask! the stamp is really cute... your son's drawings are awesome... coloring within lines!

  18. The cards your little man made are adorable and I think yours turned out great too!!! Love the Damask!