Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Remember me??

Heya people,

I hope you haven't forgotten me! I know I have been almost absent in blogspace for a bit too long! But this time I hope I am finally back! ;-) I had to craft today, a little because I wanted to, a little because I wanted you to think of me, an a little because I was in a very good mood for no particular reason. :-)

By the way, in case you are wondering about my new header... (psst: if you are not, please do! LOL! ) let me tell you who the artist is:


The painting is an evening scene with a reddish sky... the tree like structures, in his words, are mushrooms/toadstools that are stooping in the wind. Hope you like it :-)
[description of the painting: courtesy the little artist himself]

This card isn't really a favorite but I don't dislike it either. Crafting after so long can be quite challenging! The card is inspired by Laura's sketch 66 at 2Sketches4You... I flipped it. I made quite a large card with unusual dimensions because I have some huge envelopes to match ;-)
The Patterned Paper and gorgeous lace are from a kit sent by Yvonne; the leaf mask in the background is an RAK from dear Spardha; the stamp is Hobby Ideas and the beautiful white flowers are actually a Chinese Collar Button set that I picked up locally (I found them cute and very useful ;-) )... the fleur de lis punch is a not-so-recent purchase (also local).

Hope you like it!



  1. That painting is just wow..and your card is really very pretty I loved the trim and the button flowers

  2. the painting is awesome!! really love the colors! he's very good and I do love your card despite your thoughts on it :) We're always harder on ourselves, huh? Lots of hugs to you and look forward to your next post... not as long as the last one this time :P

  3. Hey Smita great to have u back, missed u in blogaland....ur blog banner is awesome, Aaryan is very creative n has a great imagination too!
    Gosh I love your card, the colors are so fresh n nice, the button flowers are super super cool :)

  4. I loved how you used the mask..very pretty...hmm the artist himself has spoken. Awesome work! Welcome back..I'm still recovering from my diwali. not yet found my mojo, but working on a scrapbook at least I'm doing something!!

  5. This is such a beautiful card to celebrate your return to crafting & blogging & of course to celebrate the budding talent of your little Aaryan.... :0 Kudos!!!!


  6. Well I immediately knew that lovely work of art was by your adorable son! Love his description. Welcome back! It's about time, lady! I don't know why you criticize your beautiful cards, Smita. This is lovely as is all of your work! xxD

  7. I love your bloggie banner...excellent!

    Fab card too!

  8. Great banner. Kudos to little boy! I hope u had wonderful Diwali and New year. The come back is rocking. Lovely card!

  9. welcome back!.. love the card!.. the pp is cute and i love the masking!.. love the fleur de lis punch!!.. i want it! :D
    The flowers are fab!.. and the lace is beautiful!..
    And i soo love the header!.. and its cute description! ;)

  10. Lovely work!
    Thanks for playing at 2S4Y!

  11. Aaryan did a fabulous job on your banner and I love his description, too! I also took some time off crafting and blogging but we all need that once in a while. Your card is totally fabulous and I love all the details!

  12. I missed you here Smita!! So glad to see you back with a wonderful card!! love all the details and the white flowers (aka collar buttons) are gorgeous!!

    P.S. I noticed the banner a few days back and had guessed it right :) Your son is a precious little artist with great imagination. God Bless!!

  13. It is a wonderful card! and you have got a talented banner artist too :)

  14. great banner the acrd too especially the use of chinese collar buttons...way to go girl..ur back with a bang

  15. Oh the card is sooooo very pretty! I love all the pink and the trim!

    P/s: How cool is that blog header? Does he want to paint one for Aunt Y???;)

  16. Very pretty!!! Love the colors and the little details!!!