Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cards at last!

I know I have been hopping around for a long time promising to be back soon :-p and hopefully I really am back now!! Life's been great though a little busy. This is going to be a post full of pictures so brace yourself ;-)

First, I'll share a card I (finally!) managed to create last night. I won't mention who it is for 'coz she just might drop by... It will go to her from her special somebody. ♥♥♥

Ok, now I want everybody to oooh and aaah over this card! It took me the longest time ever to make it :-( because I've been so out of touch!I could hardly think of anything romantic enough for the card and had to really really stare hard at my supplies to come up with this simple card :D In fact, I had even forgotten what supplies I had in hand! :-/ 

Anyway coming back to the card.. the PP is Pebbles Inc Sweetheart Follow Your Heart... I love it! Can you notice the layers on the light pink background? They are paper strips and are inspired by a card I saw on Ashley's blog (I've been following her work for more than a year now and though I can never reach her standards, I love love going through her creations and being inspired!). The silver circles are punched from silver CS and I added some rhinestones for a touch of bling ;-) Oh and yes, I have glue and glossed the entire PP layer LOL (thank you Tejal for introducing me to this!)

Here are the cards I received for my birthday:

Emily's card (photo from her blog) - the contents of her parcel were stolen!! The card too :-(

Tejal's card (photo from her blog)

Juhi's card (photo from her blog) - one pearl was found missing and the card was crumpled slightly and delivered!

From a kid in my building - isn't it sweet? :-)

Shalini's card is lost in transition :-(

Note: I HATE THE INDIAN POSTAL/COURIER SYSTEM for stealing my stuff and for damaging these beautiful cards!!

Tejal also sent an adorable card for Aaryan's birthday and some lovely goodies for both of us. :-) But the little kiddo won't give me the card; I'll have to wait for him to click a picture of it :-)

Thank you all so much for your wishes once more!! 

Hoping that you see more of me this year! ;-)



  1. They are all so so adorable.... & felt really sorry with the misses..... It feels bad, to realize the creations of passion did not reach the person it was meant for.... But they are all so lovely & to be treasured for the life.... Hugs))))


  2. This card is fabulous..! Pink and brown are my favourites..Beautiful cards you received for your birthday..sad that you missed a few..Indian postal systems have to improve a lot

  3. Oooooh, it shows it shows! Fabulous card!!!
    Ok, so it's my turn to disappear from blog land :P I did see the award you gave me. THANK YOU!! I need to catch up on a lot of blog blurfing but I want to wish you a great 2011!! Hope you have a wonderful one with your family and one day, I'd LOVE to have three cups of tea with you ;)

  4. Hey welcome back! Love the card that u made, I am always at a loss when it comes to making love themed cards (n I get most requests for love cards only!)...esp love the layered flower with the interesting center....
    PS:love the cards u received (including mine :P)

  5. OOOH You used the strips of cardstock! Love it! I've never seen it in any other color because I've only done it in cream! It turned out great! I like how you added the bracket border too! :) So sweet! Thanks so much for your kind words and happy belated birthday, happy new year, and everything else! ;)

  6. Your card is stunning, Smita! I love the strips and the border at the top! Sorry you had so many lost cards but think of all the love that was meant for you! ♥

  7. love the color combo and the flowers,beautiful:))

  8. SO happy to see you back after a long time!! Love your card. The details are fabulous!!

    So sorry that you had so many lost cards!! I hope mine reaches safe!! Its on its way :)

  9. really gorgeous and very very creative!
    I am so sorry to hear about the missing cards and stuff...

  10. missing cards;-( hope u somehow get them soon...thanks for posting the acrd on the blog...hope u had a good day