Thursday, January 27, 2011

In pursuit of craftiness...

hello there...!

I just am unable to craft. All my free time is going away in doing bits of work for others at home (mostly shopping!!) for my BIL's engagement early next month. I was supposed to make some money envelopes for my MIL too but haven't had the time to get the right supplies :-(

Anyway. cribbing apart, I'm actually loving the shopping except that it eats up my time! But hey, don't go away, I did manage some crafting yesterday evening, when Aaryan decided that he could be on his own for a while and not disturb me.... But it isn't a card. Here is what I created:

Yes, I finally altered some snap clips... (ignore the line of buttons on the back clip; that was just an experiment). I made these fabulous ribbon roses from a tutorial at Really Reasonable Ribbon's Ramblings. I kind of like hair accessories and keep buying them from everywhere; I'd been wanting barrettes/snaps with flowers for a long time now but every time I saw one, I'd think I could try making it myself. And when I saw the rose tutorial, I knew where my first rose would go. This was just the thing I wanted! :-)

Do you like my hair accessories? Do tell me how they are... I'll probably make a few with bling now though my first attempts (with bling and buttons) have been hugely unsuccessful.

I may be MIA again for around 2+ weeks now. We're off to our hometown, Kolkata, on Sunday, and then to royal Udaipur for another wedding!

Take care!




  1. they look cute!! definitely worth some more tries

  2. these are really cute, do try more n this time with some bling....
    Lucky in Udaipur! do share the pics...have fun, will miss u.

  3. Hey Smita!These are lovely..the roses look perfect!I am going thru a very similar phase..I am just unable to craft..even don't feel like looking at my supplies..hav a nice time at both events!

  4. they are so cute... have fun at the weddings :)

  5. THis is just lovely. What a great idea :)

  6. These are fabulous, Smita! The button barrette is so cute and the rose clips are gorgeous. Could you imagine a whole row of them on a headband, perhaps in different sizes? Oohhh, and they'd would look amazing on cards!

    Have a safe trip and enjoy the festivities!! I look forward to your creations with your new goodies when you get back! ;D

  7. Lovely, Smita. My daughter's a big fan of such clips.

  8. So sweet! I have loads of hairclips...they are never found on my hair though...;)

  9. very cute clips...hope u have a great vacation

  10. Smita, your roses are beautiful! It sounds like you are keeping very busy, but I'm glad you had time to pop in with these cute clips. Enjoy your trip and the wedding!

  11. These are so cute Smita! I love these snap clips and use them all the time. How fun to have some pretty looking ones.

  12. I love your ribbon rose hair clips! They came out great. I'm thrilled that you liked our tutorial on the RRR blog. I'm a follower on your blog now. I'll be back to see what else you come up with in the future. :o)