Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Random ramblings

Heya girls,

I know I haven't been crafting at all of late and hardly have any posts for the past few months. I hope that hasn't erased memories of me from your busy minds! :-p We got back from our trip to Udaipur on Sunday evening; we had not slept well for the past 2 weeks and I've been catching up with all your blogs since yesterday. I may not have left comments everywhere, but a girl does need some time to get back in pace, right? :-)

I received this award from dear Tejal:

I need to write something about myself and pass it on to others... Well, I am kind of hopeless in writing about myself but let me try:
1. I love being on my own. It might sound strange but that's the way I am. I love being home alone for a while everyday so that the only sound I hear is of my own thoughts; the only things I do is of my own will and nobody can order me around!

2. I love vacations with my family (a contradiction of sorts with the previous point :-) ). If I could have it my way, I'd take off to some place every 2 months so that I am refreshed and recharged!

3. I love cooking for my near and dear ones; but I have to be in a really good mood to cook something special!

4. I love shopping - who doesn't? But I've noticed that my shopping sprees have significantly reduced of late - guess I'm growing up :-p ! I'm also a stickler for brands and am usually loyal to specific brands; I don't care much for fashion as long as the fit is comfortable.

5. We love eating out but that again has now reduced significantly because we have suddenly become health conscious! But yes, Italian is my favorite cuisine. When DH and I go for fancy dinners, we have to have our soup, starters/antipasti, and a main. Desserts are generally not on my list while eating out though I do love them [I'm usually too full for dessert and I really can't do without a nice warm bowl of soup]!

6. I think I've mentioned this earlier but here I go again - I love my tea and coffee extra sweet :-) and with sweet biscuits/cookies. In fact I can have cookies any time of the day or night even if I ain't hungry.

7. I am proud of my collections of jewelery, watches and perfumes; and I am hoping to collect enough craft supplies to be proud of them some day!

8. Crafting has been my biggest stress buster of all times! It has introduced me to some of my closest friends now. Like Tejal mentioned in her list, I too don't have many girl friends around because I've already changed 4 cities but I am now finally happy that I've found friends in the 'virtual' world whom I can bug at any time of the day!

I'd like to pass on this award to:

Ciao soon with some crafty stuff!!



  1. Welcome back sweetheart... hve missed u around here... cant wait to c what u come up wid today:)

  2. Good to see you back and to know you a little better :)

  3. welcome back! hope you create something soon!

  4. Hey thanks a lot for the award! good to have u back, hope u had a great time at the wedding!

  5. Thanks so much, Smita! It's great to read more about you! I will find some time to pass along this wonderful award. :D

  6. Always love hearing more about my friends! Welcome back, chickie! xxD