Friday, January 23, 2009

How can I love thee? and others

I know I haven't posted in really long... and I am ashamed of myself for that. Hope this post compensates for everything.
Aaryan's school has their annual Sports Day tomorrow and the poor kids were 'practising' in the hot sun today. (For the uninitiated, Mumbai has only two seasons - the summer and the monsoons!!!! How boring is that? ;-) Well, so we are enjoying horribly high temperatures these days.)
I have 2 cards to share with you today.

The first card is my little tweaky version of the 2S4u sketch. I am going for a distant relative's 25th wedding anniversary party today and this card is for them. Guess it is my way of marketing my cards now... ;-)))

The second card is for two challenges - 2S4U (Kazan's sketch # 18) and for Stacey's Jewelry Color Inspiration # 20. I had no option but to combine the two ;-). I was thinking of what to do for both challenges, and then decided to use the 2S4U sketch and Stacey's colors together. I though that would atleast ensure that I don't go wrong with the choice of colors and layout... ;-) And halfway through the card, I thought I didn't want to give it to anyone, so I saved it to give it to my husband on Valentine's Day ;-). I haven't shown him the card yet, and I am hoping he doesn't read this post.
And yes, this is my third technique trial this month!! Yipppeeee!!!! I tried the Dahlia fold flowers from an SCS tutorial. i think my flower looks cute, what do you say? :-)
The papers are normal cardstock and a glossy cardstock from a local stationery store. The rhinestones and other bling are from the local craft market. Glitter used is UHU glitter pens. Laces are from my stash.



  1. Gorgeous cards Smita, fabulous take on Kazan's sketch!

  2. the flower is cute:) thanks for submitting for the Jewelry Color Inspiration #20!

  3. How do I love thee, let me count the ways?! Oh, that's one of my favourite love poems! How romantic!

  4. Those flowers are sooo stinking cute Smita - could you please share a link to the tutorial - I would love to know how to make them too
    Stay out of that heat will ya :)

  5. Yes, Sharan... I think this is one of the most romantic poems ever!! I love it too...

  6. Those jewels rock! Great job with the sketch!


  7. Very pretty! I love all the sparkle !

  8. the jewels look fabulous! lovely!