Wednesday, January 28, 2009

If you can't find them..make them!!!

Hi all, I am a happy woman today!! :-) Why? Because I made 2 cards and I am quite happy with the results. And secondly, because I have decided not to brood over the fact that all the crafty materials people the world over use for their cards are not available here! I think I will stick to my resolution of trying out at least 2 new techniques a month and make whatever is possible with the material available to me. :-) And I am moving in the right direction... I have tried quite a few techniques this month - the explosion box, a brand new water coloring technique, the dahlia fold flowers, the votive holder and ribbon blossom (both in this post)! Yay!!! I have every reason to be happy, don't I? :-)

About today's cards...
The first card is for Laura's sketch # 18. I don't know if it matches the sketch exactly but I have based it on that. I have used a ribbon blossom (tutorial on SCS by Pam Basset). Of course, mine doesn't look half as nice because 1) I have used less ribbon 2) I should have used organza ribbons.
I don't know whom this card is for. I want to send it to an ex-colleague and very good friend (her birthday is long past) but I don't think it can go by courier :-(.

The second card is votive holder. I got the tutorial through Sheetloads Shortcuts. Again, here I think I should have used thicker cardstock. What do you think? This one is again for Vineet. I don't know how many Valentine's Day cards I am going to give him this year ;-))) I think I will need to give one every 3 days in Feb. :D
I used the Mojo Monday sketch. Not really a good attempt, but I have been wanting to take part in the challenge for a while, so I will submit it anyway. They have a right to kick me off ;-))
By the way, I have used a playing card (not a fancy embellishment) here. My husband's very fond of playing cards and his current favorite pastime is playing 'Poker' on Facebook :D...

The king of my heart...



  1. Smita great job & very creative!
    Thanks for playing!

  2. Oh my God! This is marvellous! What exactly have you used for the background of the Poker card? You know, the red stuff? It looks like pretty!

  3. Cute card! Great job with the sketch!


  4. Great card! That ribbon blossom is fabulous!

  5. so pretty! love the ribbon blossom!

  6. So pretty! Love that ribbon flower!


  7. I totally agree with you, I also brood over not getting good craft supplies in India. But then its gives us a great opportunity to use our creativity!!!