Friday, October 15, 2010

Father and Son

Here is something the father and son duo (ohh, I mean my hubby and my son) asked me to create for them. Well, actually, the husband asked first, and then the son had to have the same concept though slightly better :-D

Vineet's is a post-it note holder. He took away my gorgeous checkered post-it note pad and said he wouldn't "mind"if I made a case for him, so I obliged (after all, I have to keep the husband happy in the holiday season so he lets me shop ;-) )

I kept it very simple so that he could keep it at his work desk.

And my son wanted a "notebook"for drawing and writing. He has promised no to scribble :D But he was particular about the stickers and was really happy that I wrote his name on it (he can read his name):

He took the book from me as soon as I was done, clicked a photo with my phone and told me that I could use the photo... and immediately scribbled his name on the cover. I am not too sure he has written all letters... well, he can't really write "R" yet so I guess he skipped!

The PP is from Itsy Bitsy; the button from my stash; the stickers are local buys and the ribbon is from my Mom.

Met one of my blog buddies today. We had a really good time. Thanks for the time, girl :-)



  1. So cutte :) I love the way you have changed the apperance of the post it note :) Looks fab and classy :)

  2. these are just so so super cute Smita... i love the way Aryan is pretty clear on what and how he wants things... very creative... right on his momma's foot steps :)

  3. These are just adorable Smita! :) Love your made-to-order creations! :)

  4. very cute and very creative. i loved it so much..1 great going

  5. I love Aryan's book...and I had a fab time too girl..I'm looking forward to many more trips with you and mostly this time I'll drag you to crawford market with me!!!!

  6. soo fun!.. loved both of them!.. super fab-tastic! ;)

  7. Really great projects, Smita! How wonderful that your men wanted you to make thing for them. Love that Aaryan personalized his immediately. LOL xxD

  8. This is just too too cute, Smita! Love it and it's so cute how little Aaryan got all excited with your creation!! Love the to-do too!!