Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now I know...

...that Diwali is here! :-) The home's clean and fresh again ;-) and there was a card in my mail:

This awesome awesome card is from dearie Spardha! I always love the red and gold combination - it is truly Indian! And I love her handwriting too :-) She also sent me some lovely RAK cut with her Silhouette. I'll reveal them as and when I use them ;-)

And here are 2 cards I made for someone on order. I don't like them too much but she wanted it this way :-(

The Flower Pot card is one I have tried many times; the same SCS tutorial always :-); and the other one is a simple fancy fold one. I used ceramic beads after eons I guess. I got those long back and still have a few left.

I've been lurking in my favorite blogs for the past few days. But since I browse on my phone, and the silly thing doesn't always let me post comments, pardon my anonymous presence! :D I don't think I'll be very regular till after Diwali. Let's see...

Keep crafting... 



  1. ooohhh...lovin' your cards...especially the flower pot one!

  2. I like the ceramic beads... very nice touch :)

  3. Happy Diwali, Smita! What a beautiful card from Spardha. Your preorders are stunning, even if they aren't your ideas!

  4. They are all so amazing..... The ones u made as well as the one S sent..... Hugs ))))

    Happy Celebrations!!!!


  5. Wow!.. loved the cards (the first one is too good! ;)).. love the orders.. the flower pot card is my super fave!.. both look soo filled!.. :)

  6. Beautiful cards. The flower pot card is my fave...I have to try and do that once.

  7. What's not to like, Smita? these are beautiful!!!! xxD