Friday, September 9, 2011

Blog Award

I crafted today....hurray! :) Not a card but a paper bag Pinocchio (Aaryan needed it for school)... I'll share the picture later. not too great but I am happy.. I did have to cheat a bit and give him excuses for messing some things up though ;-) {psst. don't tell him I said this}

Thank you Juhi for this lovely award:

Q1) Name your favorite color?  Bright colors - current favorites are orange and yellow

Q2) Name your favorite song? Words by Boyzone and Yesterday by The Beatles

Q3) Name your favorite dessert? Hmmm... Macaroons, mousses, tiramisu (almost everything)

Q4) What worries you off at the moment? I have been worrying my head off about getting my home in order again. Loads of people around at the moment and I don't know how to start redoing...

Q5) Your favorite pet? Sorry but I am not an animal lover!

Q6) Black or White? White

Q7) Your biggest fear? What if DH stops loving me... :( {no, he assures me he won't}

Q8) Best feature? Don't know, but I like my eyes

Q9) Everyday attitude? Wish today is the best day of my life! :)

Q10) What is perfection?  Being a dependable daughter, 
a loved wife, a 4am friend-sister, an always-there-for-him Mom AND still being myself!

Q11) Guilty pleasure? Love to shop for clothes and accessories (craft shopping is zilch at the moment) and keep wanting more watches and bags!

Q12) When you're upset you? loads of things like - Cry, scream (at anyone in sight), cook, craft, read, blurf

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  1. Thank you! This is so sweet and love reading your entry :) #11, SHOPPING!!! :)

  2. oh Smita! Thanks for thinking of me. It's an honor. xxD

  3. Hey thanks for passing it on to ur answers to the questionnaire, esp the ans to ques 10.