Tuesday, September 13, 2011


Hey there people!

I did some simple projects over the last few days... Here's a glimpse:

1) For my cards and crossword loving grandpa, I created a mini book with some French words that he keeps  calling me for :) {No, I am no expert but I can manage a good bit of French ;) , c'est tout!}

This project was inspired by the Moxie Fab World Card Play challenge and I used the tutorial from here. Mine is nowhere close but grandpa liked it :)

2) For my forgetful Mother-in-law, who keeps losing her mini telephone diary all the time, I created this:

This is quite a scrappy project and wholly inspired by Ujjwal. I used her tutorial of a recycled notebook and used an empty Cross pen box... It was very sturdy and matched my papers beautifully. The flower is a local buy (it is too cute IRL). And the alpha stickers are from Hobby Ideas. I added some ribbon on the binder rings and also a little note on the side for my MIL ;-) .

3) And for my crafty and adorable little boy, I made this:

A paper bag puppet, Pinnochio. He was to carry a story book character to school... I am not too keen on buying or giving him soft toys; and we decided we'd make our own character. He gave me some ideas for the nose and tips on the colors to use and then ran away! Poor Mamma was left behind crafting away and using all techniques she knew to make a decent puppet... he loved it :) and so did his teacher and friends ;-) 

I am loving crafting for my dear ones... have some more to stuff to make and give away to friends ;-)


  1. All are so lovely and in tune with whom they are for.


  2. super fun projects Smita... am sure yr grandpaand mil wud have been super happy!!!

    is dat actually the size of a playing card? or bigger...

  3. These look super...And the one with the playing cards is ingenius.. Looks fabbie really...!!

  4. Super super awesome...I can imagine loving creating for your family...Aryan is one lucky fella!!

  5. Wow! You've been productive! These look awesome Smita! :)

  6. These projects are just great! I love that they are all so different and unique and there is nothing better than giving them out to your loved ones :)

  7. Super fabbie projects!.. LOVE the first book!.. And the fab papers on the second one.. The puppet is adorable too! :)

  8. smita, i love these! the telephone diary is something we all could use, your puppet is darling, and your card made of cards is so clever! thanks for playing along:)

  9. WOW, Smita! You've been crafting up a storm! Such fun and unique projects. LOVE that Pinnocchio! Watch it, or the teacher will be having you do all sorts of crafty projects for school. LOL xxD