Sunday, September 18, 2011

Shadow box card

A few days back a close friend asked me to make her a card (that will go from her son to her husband). She asked me to use a 4"*6" photograph and its bright background for the card. I haven't ever worked on a photo card I guess, except the layout that I made for DH last year. I wanted to make something special and different for her... and I had a window card in mind... 

But then I saw this card by Kavitha and did some tutorial searches... I finally came across what I really wanted on the Rubber Cafe Design Team blog. It was just what I needed.

The card's front view:

The inside:
Their favorite toys handcut and glittered with Pie Lane glitter and glitter balls :) :

PS: What's glitter doing on a masculine card, did you just ask?! Well, in India a little bit of glitter 'zaroori hota hai' (is essential...) ;-)
(oh and there are Pie Lane glitter strips peeping through too :) )
A view from the side:

It does look much neater IRL!! 

Thanks for the inspiration - Kavitha, Ujjwal (no recycling though :( ) and the Rubber Cafe.



  1. This is stunning Smita... a perfect gift!

  2. What a beautiful thing to gift! And did you just say I inspired you? How sweetie? I haven't done anything like this before and I am so impressed with your idea that I might pick it up too :)

    Thanks for mentioning me! And I am so glad that I could inspire you in some way :D

  3. This is super cute!! and I totally agree with you...thoda glitter zaroori hota hai...
    Simply great!!

  4. This look mast Smita... Such a cutie card...!!

  5. Lovely indeed


  6. Hey!!! I love it! SO FABULOUS. The idea is great and you have managed everything so well! It DOES look neat yaar, c'mon! I am sure she must have loved it.

  7. SUPER SUPER AWESOMELY FAB!.. LOVE the colours!.. Soo PRETTY! :D

  8. Oh would love to see all Kids crafts Smita. when using glue drops- let him peel off one layer only before sticking- stick it to the surface and then peel off the other layer -- that way your child wont have to touch the glue drop at all!

  9. Love the card!!!
    ~ Kavya

  10. Gorgeous, Smita! I'll bet se was thrilled. I've been dying to try something like that. Fabulous work. xxD

  11. love those bright colors, n yeah i totally agree about the glitter :P

  12. such a beautiful card, sorry have not been to your blog for a while, if it is not my leg, it is something else, hope all is well.

  13. Oh this is such an inspiration! This card is really amazing. Loving the whole idea! ;)

    I'm hosting my first giveaway from 'My Memories' and it will be so exciting if you would like to join! :) Thank you!

    en la moda

  14. These cards have great inspiration!!looking amazing collection best of their color combination ...
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