Wednesday, September 10, 2008

And here is an excellent product...

Any papercraft lover happening to stop by this blog, here is something truly amazing. Check out
for previews of a new product released by Sheetloads Shortcuts. Something that will make card making simpler and more fun! I have not come across anything like this. I am sure you will love it too.


  1. I checked out the link..the card sheet is so amazing! And you're right when you say that this stuff won't be found in India. Guess we'll have to make do with hobby ideas till then :'(

  2. Right Sharan!! Why are we so much behind other countries when it comes to these things, I fail to understand!!! :-( I am really disappointed that I can't even find decent rubber stamps anywhere. not that there is much choice... It is just Hobby Ideas stocking them, as far as I know... and they too don't have a very great collection. Hardly anything, in fact. And ordering online will really burn a hole in your pocket! :-( Even patterned/designer paper... just check out the papers these people use... wow!