Thursday, November 19, 2009

Flower pot pocket card

I finally managed to create this Flower Pot Pocket card!! I have had one unsuccessful attempt earlier. But I liked this so much that I had to try again ;-) I think it is very girly and I love it... Made it for a friend whose birthday falls on Sunday.

Though there are no pearls/liquid pearls in this one... I think it is elegant enough to submit for this week's Cinema Saturday Creative Challenge... is it ok Sankari and Brooke? ;-) I have been wanting to play along since really long, girls... Never manage to.

Here's my card:

In full light...

Isn't it cute? ;-) And here's a close-up of the glittering butterfly ( I didn't know that Silver Acrylic paint would give me that amazing effect till I tried it here).. The flowers have some copper liquid pearls in the centers...

And here's the insert... I will personalize it a bit more for my friend... No worries... she never comes online so she won't see these ;-)

Intend to go and get some magnet today to attach to this card.. so she can put it up somewhere.. What do you think?



  1. What a pretty card! Thanks for stopping by my blog!

  2. Awww...lovely work the butterfly! I'm sure your friend would love it!

  3. FANTASTIC!!!! Thank you soooo much for playing along dearest Smita!!! You so ROCK and your flower pot is fantastic - love it!! And what a gorgeous butterfly!!! So lovely!! She is going to LOVE IT!!!!
    SEnding you a ton o hugs!!!! xoxo! Sankari :)

  4. That looks great I think it is fun to create omething like this!

  5. Soo beautifully elegaint!... luv it!.. lucky ur frnd is! ;).. like the magnet idea!.. :)

  6. I just get more and more awed with each card. And I've never seen liquid pearls, but I can SWEAR that your card would look spectacular even without them :)

    Off to look for more adjectives for your next card :)

  7. I love it!! You could even add them later in the middle of your flowers. I love these flower pots...can't wait till Spring arrives!! Thanks for playing along with us this week :)

  8. very nice.....Love those flowers n butterfly

  9. Smita this is beautiful! I don't know how I missed this. xxD

  10. woww! so beautiful!
    love your blog... i have been glued to it for a while now. :)