Tuesday, November 10, 2009


Hi all,

Lots to share today! No, I didn't do lot of crafting over the past couple of days.. Yesterday, both my hands were aching so much that I couldn't move them much :-( They're better today..

Now the good things...

I got my first set of Itsy Bitsy goodies today... yay yay! I ordered them over a couple of weeks back, so I am really glad they did come at last. Here's what I got:

They were packaged so well that I hardly had the heart to open the packs (I've been like that since my childhood so the abnormality isn't a ercent development.. I can never open anything that is packaged well.. it almost brings tears to my eyes to see a packet being torn open by anyone)!

I learnt that I should be more careful with my order next time. I ordered one piece that I didn't intend to; some  which looked nice only on screen... anyway, I am happy. I can now get back to crafting mode once again,

The second thing I wanted to share was this:

What is it, did you ask? I have been having trouble organising my craft material of late. Though I keep things sorted and labelled in boxes, there is still a space crunch, which sometimes affects my papers. I am a magazine lover and there's one mag that I've been reading since its first issue in India (it released a few months after I got married)... now, this month's issue had a super duper idea on sorting and storing craft material!! I was so thrilled that I implemented this one rightaway. I used hangers that come with my son's clothes in some stores.. they are tiny and they have clips attached.. perfect for 'hanging' my papers without damaging them!!! I loved the idea!!

Next, I made this quick little note card for my hubby. This is just to say thank you for all giving in to all my demands and getting me whatever I ask for (and you know how the list of craft items is never-ending!)... Thank you Vineet.

I used one Itsy Bitsy flower and that is the only pack I opened today. :-)


PS: I promise to take out my camera for any more pictures for the blog!! I will not use my mobile phone camera, however powerful it might be!!!


  1. aww.. get ur hand well soon :)..
    woww!.. awesomely amazing smita!.. such a grt stuff.. u no a crafter rite.. will luv to get the stuff even if tehy have the same.. hehe.. me thinkin bout it nw too!..
    i like this hanger thingy.. which mag do u read?.. bt u no i wanted an idea to organize my packed collection (stickers, flower pachs, pearls, etc).. i saw at sum places online that we cn make our own clip-it-up.. bt f u have any other ideas, then plz contribute! ;)
    beautiful card.. ur husband will thank u dt u AT LEAST thanked him!!.. luv the flower!

  2. Hope your hand is better soon! great card!

  3. thanks for the reply.. ya.. mom reads that mag.. awesome tips yaar!.. thnx loads.. :D

  4. Thanks Spardha... :-) I keep my stickers in transparent plastic boxes as of now... and all other embellishments usually in tin cookie boxes; brushes, pencils etc in tall biscuit tins (you see, I have a 3 year old at home, and these biscuits - Twisters - are his favorites; good for me, i use all the empty tins); you can also get some plastic containers that have tiny compartments- i use those to keep little punched flowers, rhinestones etc..

  5. IT'S LOVELY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh God, I should come to Malad soon and see all this stuff myself!!!!!!! And the hanger idea is SO awesome. It's amazing how creative people can get!

  6. lovely card!! I am waiting for stuff from itsybitsy to reach as wel
    Qn to you girls - where do u get all these lovely stickers?? the 3D stuff etc? thanks

  7. so sweeet smita u thanked ur husband for it.... :).... which magazine are u talking about??

  8. Hi Smita... great card... am sure yr hubby loved it!!! awesum idea abt the hanger thingy... seems like quite innovative... which magazine? :)