Monday, November 9, 2009

Happy Happy!!

Oh I am happy happy today... the Monday morning blues are there, of course, but still ;-) Hubby bought me a new food processor yesterday!! And the first thing I made was my favorite version of the Minestrone soup and some Vegetable-au-gratin (with 'butterfly' pasta (farafelle) on little Aaryan's request)!! ;-) Apart from the time for cleaning up, it was a breeze to chop the veggies!

A couple of my very close friends and a dear cousin are expecting... I think I should make cards for them... about time now... or else by the time my cards are ready, the babies will already be running around :D

So, off I go... Looking for something nice (but quick) so that they like it!!



  1. Hey there,

    You really are on a roll with this thing!! It's kinda inspiring in a way :-D. Now with office routine out of my way, I do need this kind of a push to put something out there everyday. Cool!

    PS: Thanks for the loving mention!!


    I'm telling you didi, no one tries new stuff the way you do. I've never known ANYONE apart from hotel chefs to make such awesome stuff.

    Hope to try it someday :D

  3. @Deepali: Thank you! And btw, I did go looking for cross-stitch books, but the shopkeepers around here seemed to be busy (doing nothing) and didn't seem to have any interest in the customers... grrr....
    @Sharan: Girl, I can't have the usual food every single day; esp not on Sunday ;-)) And you know how much I love any food Italian (even other cuisines ;-) ), so it had to be the soup as my first processor-cut-veggies dish :D

  4. I hope you feel better soon, Smita. Maybe you will after you read my post tomorrow. I used to cross stitch and had loads of books. Too bad I don't have them any more; I'd send some to you. What type of things do you like to cross-stitch?

  5. Heyy girl. Visiting after quite some time and gotta tell you, you really are making this blog shine. Good to get the regular little updates. Thanks for the recipe! MIL is making tons to good super nutritious stuff for me. But this one sounds even yummier.

    @Deepali: Many many congratulations. Cant tell you how happy I am for you both! Take care, dear.