Sunday, November 1, 2009

New cards but no pictures (Pictures added now!!)

Hi all,

For once, I am not posting to tell that I have been lazy and not doing any bit of crafting. ;-) I did make a few things this week but unfortunately don't have pictures. I took pictures on my mobile phone but can't transfer them yet...

I finally tried an Easel card that had long been on my mind (using the latest 2S4u sketch). Made it for Richa and Chirag... it is their first anniversary next month and they left for the US yesterday. I sent it along with them... if I can make something else, I will post them later.

I also made a 6*6 card box for one card. And it turned out quite cool too. I'll put in the pics later.



  1. Hi, I found you! Anxious to see your pix. I just love easel cards. xxD

  2. For a while I didn't realize the difference between the two URLS! As Pitu would love to say, "TUBEY!" :D

    Post soon!

  3. hey smita... love the card... also the paper in the 1st pic is so cool... well done...

    hve a little something for you on my blog... do check it out...


  4. So happy to see the beautiful pix! The card and box are lovely! I'm sure your friends will be thrilled. xxD

  5. This is really pretty Smita, never knew wht an easel card was....well now I know, might try out one soon....

  6. Lovely cards
    The card and box are great..