Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Blog absence

Hey friends,

I've been MIA for so long that I had to write this post. I have been terribly busy and have not even had the time to sit in front of the computer. 2 of my sisters in law (Vineet's cousins) were visiting from Kolkata for Rakhi and we had a super fab time together. They were both teeny tiny girls when I got married and it is amazing to see how much they've grown and how much I can talk to them now! We shopped a lot over the weekend and even these last couple of days.... girls are so much fun to have around :)

I, of course, didn't get to craft even one bit. But I am hoping to be back soon. Tomorrow is another busy day with Aaryan having a dance show in school (I'm waiting to watch his program ... sigh... I love my little boy so much that I can't believe he is ready to perform infront of a crowd LOL)

A special apology is due to Jaya and also to Shalini and Rachana for the big delays in everything. I hope you understand!! :-( 



  1. Aww.. super busy!.. i can understand!.. don't worry.. have fun..
    and all the very best to Aaryan.. rock the show dude! ;)..
    do video tape him plz!! :))
    hugs! :)

  2. Hurry back chickie! I miss you and your great projects. You should do a video of Aaryan and post it on U Tube. Wouldn't that be fun! xxD

  3. Enjoy your time off..recharge your super creative brain and come back with a bang!! p.s..I second the idea of seeing Aryan's show!! would love to see him..
    Boys never grow up for their moms..