Monday, August 2, 2010

Card Patterns 75

My take on this week's sketch over at Card Patterns:

Yes! I have used some of my new supplies :-) My younger brother was visiting our sister in the US. He got me this lovely MS punch,  a stamp set and also the stuff I had ordered online [grinning from ear to ear!].. 

The pretty lace is an RAk from Juhi and the stamp is Hobby Ideas.

Here is a pic of all that I got:

Mom sent over all my stuff just last night and I am already worried about the McGills Retro Word Tags punch. Can someone please tell me how to use it :-/ (the Cardstock thickness also). I have never seen any punch so huge :D

Please mail me if you know where I could be going wrong with the punch :-(



  1. Loved it totally!! MS punches are gr8!

  2. Your card has lovely punched borders and stitching! That RAK lace is beautiful, too. Wow, look at all your new toys! The McGill punches are easy. You just lay it flat on the table, slide in your cardstock (thinner is better unfortunately) and press down. I've gotten rid of all mine in that style because they aren't user friendly compared to the lever style punches. You almost feel as if you're going to damage the table or floor and it takes quite a bit of pressure! You'll enjoy those labels nonetheless. :)

  3. Pretty card Smita, I love the way u have used the corner punch......have fun with your new tools :)

  4. Lovely card! I love everything about it. Nice use of white pen!

  5. Awesome Smita! Have fun with your new goodies!!! You will adore those embossing folders.

  6. That is whole lot of goodies!! fabulous, enjoy those...just make sure you use a lot of force when punching it. keeping it on the ground and punching it would be better. lest you damage your table or anyother surface!
    where did you shop from?

  7. Finally! It's been a long time coming,huh? What great new stuff and I totally love your card. Have no idea about your punch. Not sure I've heard of them. xxD

  8. Hey girlie... LOVE all the goodies.... Try punching aluminum foil several times to sharpen it. Then punch wax paper to lubricate it. The older punches that style are harder to use... With all the embossing folder I spray the paper with a little fine mist of water just before the embossing. I can't believe what a difference it makes.. If you are in a hi humidity climate use rubbing alcohol instead of water it dries faster..


    Enjoy crafting with all your new goodies..