Friday, August 6, 2010

A mini album


I tried my hands at a mini album yesterday. It was just a random thought that finally took shape. A cousin's wife is expecting their first child soon. And this kid is going to be the first in my paternal family so everybody is looking forward to the baby's arrival. :-)

The 'Bhatter' here is my maiden surname. 

I have monogrammed the letters of 'Bhatter' on all the right hand side pages.

Added a few die cuts, some chipboard stickers and little embellishments here and there...

We don't know if it is a boy or a girl, so I have used all colors ;-

The rub ons are from Hobby Ideas.

 I love my cuttlebug border embossing folders.

The cute stickers are a local find...

Thanks a ton to Juhi and Tejal for always replying to my SOS messages :-) I've used some glue n gloss inspired by Tejal (still waiting for her tutorial though) and my brother in law helped me with the ring and binding. :-)

Do tell me your opinion on my try... what can I change? (for the next one, that is)... and what are the binding options!!



  1. super album..i'm still waiting for inspiration to strike me and you've already done it.
    The tutorial's up! go ahead and have a look!

  2. Love the monogrammed alphabets and how you highlighted them, and finally how did you bind it..I need to finish my album too, though I've just cut the pages and kept..since 2 weeks!!
    There are no rules for albums, do what you love the best..this is truly inspiring! Love it..

  3. ooh this is totally adorbs!!! they are gonna love it! There is super cute tiny stuff on every page!

  4. love the album!.. super cool!.. love the masking!.. and tell me about the binding too! :))

  5. This is really pretty n cute Smita, love the has come out really well

  6. FABBIE job...they're going to LOVE it!!!

  7. I stopped commenting because I wanted to say something beyond "THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!" and "YOU'RE SO AMAZING!!" but I just HAD to say it here :)

  8. Way to go girl!! You rocked the first attempt :D

    Its very cute and adorable!!

  9. Very pleasing colours and the subtle masking effect is brilliant. Lovely. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Smita.

  10. Its beautiful Smita. A great keepsake!

  11. this is precious Smita! Love how you used the letters of the last name on your back pages and all of the embossing. Beautiful colors, too! xxD