Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Flashback Friday 3.0: First Challenge Card

Flashback Friday 3.0 is about the first challenge card you ever made! Well, I'm too embarassed to even share this :D but here is my first challenge card:

And this is what the post read like:

"My creation for Nikki's challenge.
I have used locally available material for this card. The cardstock used is light green tinted with gold. The patterned paper seen in this card is handmade dark green paper with golden block prints. I made the flowers using Carl craft floral punch and a leaf punch by Jef. The flowers were cupped using a manual embossing tool. I bought the ribbon from a local lace store. The sentiment is hand written. I painted ordinary white buttons golden to match the rest of the card."

This was July 2008. LOL!!! I got one comment for this post... and that too from a family friend :D


PS: I'm on a self imposed craft break for a while. I'll get back to crafting sooner than I think though, I guess!


  1. well, thanks for coming out of a break to post for flashback friday 3.0! great use of punches to make the bouquet and check you out, altering the buttons to match! That's tooo fun, didn't even think of that...I should stock up on white button! Thanks so much for playing Flashback Friday 3.0!!!! Have a fabbie craftie break...we all need those:)

  2. wow!.. that's not bad at all!.. i love it!.. adorable li'l bunch of flowers! :)

  3. It is very appealing & nice.... Hugs))))


  4. Hope you are having a relaxing "break" :) this is so pretty!! thanks for joining Amy's Flash Back Friday :)

  5. Saw your comment on Juhi's Blog. Punchinellas are available at itsybitsy under the name 'Laser Mesh', available in three colors..

  6. This is adorable! I had a flashback of my own yesterday when I stumbled onto my first uploads to my SCS gallery!! LOL

  7. How fun to look back! Your card is beautiful! I'm gonna have to check out this challenge. xxD

  8. It's great you can find it :) It's very pretty! My first challenge card... wow, I have no idea :P I'd have to dig really really hard :)