Monday, September 13, 2010

A lovely blog award

I received a loved blog award from Emily of Art♥from♥the♥Heart. I met her at her own blog a few months back and have been dropping by ever since. ;-) It was really sweet of her to pass on this award to me:

Now I need to pass this award on to SEVEN favorite blogs. A very tough task for me ;-) Pardon me if I can't list you here.... Each blog I visit is special to me. Anyway here are the 7 I would love to pass on this award to:

> Sankari
> Donna
> Juhi
> Tejal
> Spardha
> Shalini
> Sarita
> Yvonne 



  1. Hey thanks a ton Smita! I'm honored...

  2. dats really so sweet of u Smita... Thanks buddy!!!

  3. awww!.. thank you soo much! hugs!!!

  4. Mine is one of your fave blogs? How sweet! Thanks for the award Smita!!!:)

  5. Oh Smita, thank you so much! Love ya, girly! I'm honored! xxD

  6. Awwwww!!! Thank you so much Smita!!!! You are way too sweet!!! Sending you a zillion awards back!!! Big hugs!

  7. hi there, this is gorgeous,I have also dropped by to say that this will be my final visit to your blog for at least a few months, I am going abroad to get married, and coming back to moving house, settling down before I can come back online. I appreciate your kind comments and your visits to my blog, I will try to update it from time to time, but I can not promise. I will miss blogland, take care and catch up soon, from me - wondering if anyone will miss me in blogland...

  8. Thank you so much Smita for thinking of me and well done on receiving the award yourself!
    Love Sarita xx