Friday, September 3, 2010

Happy Birthday Sankari

Today is a very special crafting friend's birthday. And we decided to give her a little birthday surprise by making and posting cards for her on our blogs... Sankari, sweetheart, you are the best :-) Happy birthday to you!!!

Sankari's style is almost inimitable.... her cards and all other projects are drop dead gorgeous. DH and I have been fans of her work for a long long time. She has also been one of my first blog buddies right from the days I started blogging :-) I do have a very special place in my heart for dear Sankari. Wish you a fantabulous year ahead, girl!

A little about my simple card:

I know she likes bright colors and a touch of Indian-ness never hurts ;-) I knew I wanted to make something in red for her but I am absolutely out of patterned paper. I wanted to use something Indian... so I used up some shimmery handmade paper and made the polka dots with household bleach. It now resembles bandhini or the 'tye and die' textile that India is so famous for. I made the pinwheel with a whee bit of coordinating patterned paper from scrap. The pretty pretty rose was a gift from Radha. The twine is again deep maroon and gold.

I hope you like the card, Sankari.

My card follows the Just Add Ink sketch.



  1. This is LOVELY. There's nothing not to love!

    Happy birthday Sankari!

  2. beautiful card!.. and the surprise is great!.. happy birthday Sankari! :)

  3. Oh this is breathtaking, Smita! how resourceful of you to dye your paper with bleach like that. It turned out amazing and certainly does look like the textile you described. LOVE the pinwheel and just may have to "borrow" it soon. I agree Sankari's work is fabulous. Happy Birthday to her! You're such a sweet friend to do this. xxD

  4. wow! this is absolutely fantastic girl! I am sure Sankari will love it!

  5. OH SMITA!!!! This is gorgeous!!! I can't believe you all did this! And look at the awesome polkadots that you created!!! You are so creative and so wonderful!!! Thank you so much for being my blog buddy - and it was so lovely to skype with you awhile back - can't wait to do it again!!! You are too kind with your sweet words and I feel so grateful to have a friend like you!!! And I can't wait to meet you one day soon too!!!!!! Please give my best wishes to your family!!!

    Sending you the biggest hugs across the ocean!!!! You so made me feel so special - thank you dearest Smita!!!
    Sankari :)

  6. I love the hot Indian colours Smita, it is absolutely beautiful and I'm sure your friend will love it,
    Love Sarita xx

  7. This is beautiful, Smita! I really love how you created the bandhini. How very clever of you to use bleach! I love the way you interlaced the squares, too.

  8. Ooooh, gorgeous! I still get scared using bleach. This is fabulous!