Friday, September 3, 2010

Something new

***  This is my second post for today. Do scroll down to the next post and leave some love for my good friend, Sankari Wegman :-) ***

Something that I have been wanting to try for a while now is a full fledged book/album. I managed to create one finally... but as usual, managed to ruin it in the end! :-/ In fact, it almost got torn. Anyway, I was very happy with it till disaster struck, so I decided to share it anyway.

The bottom left page is the first page of the book. How do you think it has turned out? Any suggestion would be welcome.... especially ones on binding! {My favorite is the black, white and red one :-)}

I would like to thank a few people though... Tejal for the binding rings (girl, you are an angel!!!) AND Priya and Juhi for being such an inspiration :-) You guys are the original album pros :-)



  1. I think it looks fabulous Smita! :)

    Art is not about perfection...I always have some glue marks or imperfections in my creations...the handmade

  2. Adorable Smita! You already look like a pro at it! I see no disaster here and each page is a delight. Especially love the masking. Fabulous job! xxD

  3. What a stunning album. So much to feast one's eyes on.

  4. Smita this is gorgeous. Dying to see all pages clicked individually!! :)

  5. This is fab work Smita, I love the variety of colour scehemes and all the lovely texture too,
    Love Sarita xx

  6. Loved ur creation... the choice of color n texture is impeccable ..
    Do chk out my creation cookie candy cards wenevr time permits !!

  7. wow wow wow, love the bright colors and allllll the details, esp love the ribbon weaving along the corrugated cardboard!

  8. Hey, this is fabulous. not look like your 1st one at all! I love how each page has diff colors and patterns!

  9. This is wonderful Smita!! You are so courageous to attempt a thing like this one and come out so beautifully!!

    I haven't been able to gather the courage for this!!I guess I still have a long way to go :D